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Affiliate Marketing Definition


What Is Affiliate Marketing Definition?

Affiliate marketing definition is all about relationship between three parties i.e


  1. Advertiser– In affiliate marketing definition advertiser can be anyone selling different products like tickets, electronics, insurance policies etc. Furthermore you will be an advertiser only if you are willing to pay other people to sell and promote your business.
  2. Publisher– A publisher is a person who  gets commission for promoting advertiser’s product. An advertiser works with the publisher to give him creative content. This content is incorporated on the advertiser’s website.
  3. Consumer– The final component of the affiliate relationship is consumer. So consumer is the one for which actually the advertisers and publishers work. Consumers see a certain ad and then make some action.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

So after knowing about affiliate marketing definition you may think of how does it work? First of all you have to join an affiliate program. Furthermore after joining you have to select the products you want to sell. Sellers have a unique code that allows the traffic to refer to target site.

Most of the affiliate programs provide you with the text links and banners etc. So in the next step you just have to copy and paste these links on your website to allow referring of traffic. When investors click on these links on your sites it redirects to product site. You will make commission if they will buy a product because you have referred it.

Moreover it is not important always to sell a product to get commission. Different affiliate programs have different terms for commissions like:

  • Pay Per Sale- You get the share of sale price when purchase is done.
  • Pay Per Click- In this you get paid for redirecting the visitors to the main seller website. Even if sale is not done you will get paid for redirecting.
  • Pay Per Lead-  Furthermore if visitors give contact information on the target site you get paid.

Tips To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer

Keeping in mind that you will not be a rich person overnight by affiliate marketing. There is a lot more competition in affiliate marketing than your thinking. Following are some of tips and tricks to become a successful affiliate marketer:

  1. Only Choose Handful Of Good Products

First of all you do not have to register a lot of affiliate programs. You should not try to promote every product. This can be great over whelming path. As a result you will not be able to promote any product in proper manner. All you need to get successful is to promote only good and efficient products. Try to evaluate the needs of market and the topic of your site.

       2. Use Several Traffic Sources To Promote Your Product

Furthermore you must know that your site is not the only one to promote product. You must keep this in view that there are many other traffic sources you can promote the product. The more the target traffic on the page the more are your chances to earn.

3. Test, Measure And Track Your Campaign

In addition try to use different product strategies to know what is in demand and what is not. Try to measure and test your performance in each of the campaign simultaneously. So after testing and measuring you can take actions and know what changes your campaign requires. Positions of the banner ads mean a lot. Some positions can make you earn more rather than others. You can also track your affiliate campaign by conversions tracking software. Like Google Adwords and CJ affiliate.

4.Research The Demand Of Product

Do a good research of what product the people demand. If you promote a product low in demand you will surely get a low traffic. In contrast to this a high demanded product will help you gain more traffic.

5. Stay Updated With New Techniques

As mentioned earlier there is a great competition in affiliate marketing. So you have to be updated with the latest techniques and methods people come up with.

6. Choose The Right Merchant 

Choosing the right person/company behind the product is very important. Try to choose good company with good products so that people get happy with your advice. You will loose your credibility if the consumers are unhappy with your advice.

7. Use Helpful Tools

If you are serious with affiliate marketing and want to be efficient than try to find new tools. For instance if you want to use WordPress Powered site then you have to get plugin similar to Affiliate Link Manager.

According to me i almost covered all aspects of affiliate marketing definition. If you think i missed anything please comment below with suggestions or if you want to ask something i am happy to answer your comments.


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