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Bitrix24 free project management tool


Bitrix24 free project management tool?

Bitrix24 free project management tool is the winner of “Best Project Management Software Award 2015”. It provides a company with full range of team working and social networking means. Consequently bitrix 24 provides collaboration for SMBs and larger enterprise. Furthermore it brings together many of the traditional collaboration features with Customer Relationship Management and a wiki.

The picture above is from CMS Critic. Furthermore bitrix24 free project management tool offers tools like project management, time management, document management and multitasking. These tools helps in content sharing, messaging liking and user profiles etc.

Benefits Of Bitrix 24

Some of the benefits of Bitrix24 free project management tool are as follows:

  1. Collaborative tool for 12 users
  2. Free for all iOS and android apps
  3. Moreover you can store, search and share document and files
  4. Provide intranet services like conversations, gallery, files, calendars, tasks etc
  5. It include coordinating and time planing features like event scheduler, calendars and meeting managers
  6.  Furthermore provide a communication platform for both internal and external users
  7. Moreover it provides you with a platform  of Social Search. It covers all systems like events, tasks and documents.
  8. Customer is used to only one user interface because of cloud-host
  9. CRM with CRM integration and visual business construction features
  10. Provides WebDAV support, version and flexible systems

Pricing Details of Bitrix 24

Here are the pricing details of Bitrix24 Free Project Management tool that you may want to know:

Bitrix 24 Project Management And Tasks Features

Furthermore Bitrix 24 has organizational features which are efficient at personal and group levels. So project management features are for “groups” and tasks are for “ones self”.

You can have group where all the project related tasks, time planing etc are stored. Moreover this group is only accessible to people that are part of project. Furthermore project can be made on Extranet so that clients and partners can participate.

bitrix 24 free project-management-tool

In addition the picture above is from Bitrix 24. Here are some of the features of Bitrix 24 Project Management and Tasks:

  • Gantt Chart- Gantt Chart helps you to view all tasks and sub tasks. Furthermore Gantt Chart make you view the status, person and chronological relationship. This helps you to get a glance of your project progress. In addition you can also modify your task by Gantt Chart. The picture below is from Bitrix 24


  •  Task Dependencies- It is one of the popular project management tools. Good news for you that Bitrix 24 also has a free one. Furthermore it develops a relationship between tasks or tasks and milestones. It also contain custom task fields. The picture below is from No Crisis. 


  • Kanban- It is an inside task planner and is available for all tasks and projects. Bitrix 24 contains kanban boards, cards and lists. The image below is from You Tube.
  • bitrix 24 free project management tool
  • Employee Work Load Management In Tasks- The work load planing allows you to finish tasks on time. Furthermore it identify which work is close to over due. Due to this supervisor can allocate you for a specific task. The following image is from Bitrix 24. 

bitrix 24 free project management tool

  • Counters and Roles- Task counter helps you to assign tasks. Moreover it also let you know that you and your colleague is working on same task or not assigned properly. This feature simplifies the work of supervisor. The Following image is from Bitrix 24. 

bitrix 24 free project management tool

  • Checklist- You can have checklist with every task that helps you to know the progress of project. Just by one glance you can know what is the status of your project. The following image is from Bitrix 24. 

  • Templates And Automation- The repetition of tasks and tasks templates helps you to automate regular chores and work routines. This feature is ideal for business processes like hiring/terminating employees, on boarding new clients and new projects. The following image is from Bitrix 24. 

bitrix 24 free project management tool

  • Work Groups- You can utilize efficient methods of communication in Bitrix 24 if you are a part of work group of employees. The following image is from Bitrix 24. 

bitrix 24 free project management tool

  • Tasks Reports- Furthermore task reports give estimate of time taken by an employee on a certain task. Moreover you can also see that how many tasks are in progress and how many are left. These reports can be made weekly, monthly and yearly basis. The following image is from Bitrix 24. 

bitrix 24 free project management tool

  • Report Builder- This helps you to aggregate, filter and sort data and display them in any form. Furthermore in this way you can evaluate effectiveness, work efficiency, and total time on tasks and projects. In addition the following image is from Slide Share. 

bitrix 24 free project management tool

  • External User- You can share your work group with external users i.e clients, partners and freelancers. But you can only see the work groups you are a part of. The following image is from bitrix 24. 

bitrix 24 free project management tool

  • Tasks Via Email- Bitrix 24 supports both email to tasks and tasks to email. Users can create tasks by simply forwarding an email. Similarly email recipients can be selected for task completion. Furthermore email recipients can also comment without having a bitrix 24 account.


So Bitrix 24 is an amazing tool for project management. It features and benefits may help you in your  project management. If you are looking for a good tool then Bitrix 24 is the one for you.

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