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How Long Your Blog Article Is Good?

How Long Your Blog Article Is Good Enough to Get More Traffic?

A blog article secret is its length. A lot of bloggers are concerned about the do’s and don’ts of blog articles samples. There are very limited rules for the article blogging and its length. The best a blogger can do is to write passionately. Maximum readers have less time or patience to read thousands of words. They always look for immediate access to information.

While posting a blog, try to keep your posts above 300 words in order to get greater search engine optimization. You can also consider a target of approximately 500 words for your blog posts. A range between 400-600 is the ideal length that most blog article writers use to communicate a message.

Short Posts Vs Long Posts

There are advantages and disadvantages to both short posts and long posts

  • Short Posts (250-500 Words)

Short posts undoubtedly require less time to write. People do not tend to read more because of short attention spans. Short posts initiate an interest to read what the blogger has written.  Some people get bored by reading really long posts. So yes, short posts are brief to write but they don’t attract much traffic.

  • Long Posts

Fundamentally longer posts are the opposite of shorter posts. They consume long time to write. Some people will be annoyed by their length. You need not to worry because long posts attract more traffic to your site and people appraise the added content. You can make your longer posts catchier by providing images to support your article. This is the easiest way to make people stick to your posts who normally used to get pulled off.

So then what’s the perfect length?

The disadvantage of blog article template exceeding more than 1000 words is that they may become hard to read. Bloggers need to possess good writing skills in order to write articles of more than 1000 words. Studies have shown that larger pieces of text scare off your audience. You can write successful blog posts. Your post is extremely composed . Your post is easy to read. Always write short and clear paragraphs along with attractive writing style. Do not use difficult vocabulary and avoid passive voice.

Content Word Count, Blog article

Here’s a list of common blog posts lengths to help you find your own ideal length:

  • 100-300 Words: Short posts are ideal for introducing healthy discussion. They hardly get shares on social media. But if you are interested in receiving a lot of comments, write short posts.
  • 400-600 Words: Many experts and bloggers recommend this length. It is ideal for getting social media shares and comments.
  • 750 Words: This is the absolute length for professional journalism, especially newspapers. It is pretty satisfying to get links from other bloggers and shares on social media.
  • 1000-1500 Words: with this length, the blogger gets fewer comments, but a lot more shares on social media. If your aim is to rank well on search engines this is the great length to write. Always make sure you write about an issue that people are actually searching for. 

Other Considerations

Blog article template’s length isn’t’ everything. Before you start working on blog post, take into account following consideration:

  1. Clear paragraphs

Always write clear paragraphs. Start your paragraph with the most influential sentence. Then give detail about that sentence. In this way you can enable the reader to grasp the most significant content. Try to make small paragraph containing 7-8 sentences.

  1. Use Media

This is the best way to make blog writing manageable by including media like images and videos. Pictures directly catch your reader’s attention. Images help to divide large chunks of text to make them easier for readers. No matter where ever the readers scroll, you want them to see either the top or bottom of an image. In addition to this, you can include videos as well. Video is a popular medium that affiliates marketers.

  1. Posting Schedule.

Why is posting schedule important with respect to its length? When you have a posting schedule, you can manage to write “routine posts” — of a certain length.

So, whenever you wonder how long your blog post should be, take these three factors into consideration.

Remember: The Content Itself Really Matters, Not The Length

What really matters is the content you’re contributing is helpful. It doesn’t mean anything if the post is 90 words or 9,000, as long as your audience is connected. A good blog article will leave the reader feeling contended, honored, or like they experienced something. If it achieves that then the word count is completely uncertain.

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