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8 Things About Blog Writing Your Boss Wants To Know

Blog Writing : Blockbuster Blog Post in 45 Minutes

To write a blockbuster blog post in 45 minutes is not an easy job. The quick way of blog writing is to write an article about a theme you know a lot about. But keep in mind it should also be of interest to your readers. Try to write the way you speak. Avoid jargon and do not make excessive use of thesaurus.


If you’re running short of time. You’ve got a deadline, and you actually need to get your blog post template published. Here are a few suggestions you can use to develop your blog post writing style.

Organize Your Thoughts Organize your thoughts, Blog writing

After deciding your topic and audience, you must brainstorm some ideas. Reorganizing your thoughts into a structure or format will help convey your message.

The ability to generate and organize ideas can impact the richness of final piece of writing. In order to generate and organize ideas well, writer must monitor the quality of their work. Depending on the type of writing task, writers should think creatively to come up with new ideas.

Research for Blog Writing

Research is exciting. Conducting research is a necessary part of writing classic blog content. You get to read a lot of top blogs and browse Google. To be an expert, you need facts, stats, and figures to make sure you know your stuff. Most writers don’t spend time researching blog post writing structure. The writers should, make notes, use the right tools and get whatever information you need. Then, close down your browser, disconnect from the internet, and do nothing else but write.

Write an Outline For Your Post

Great blog post writing service doesn’t just happen. Even the finest bloggers need a rough idea to keep them on-track. This is where outlines come in. An outline doesn’t need to be detailed. It’s just a quick guide to make sure you don’t divert from your topic. An outline gives your writing format and helps you organize your thoughts from beginning till end. Outlines ensure you get your point across or tell an exceptional story.

Set A Timer for Blog WritingBlog writing, Set a Time

Set a time for blog writing because lengthy blog posts expand and takeover everything. If you’re struggling to advance your post, place barriers around it. Just keep on working on your blog post writing job without pausing or doing anything else. This will help you can challenge yourself to achieve a certain milestone

Write Fast And Furious

Type as fast as possible, following the outline filling with anything that comes to mind – as long as it’s relevant. This might be hard in the beginning, but the more you do it, the faster you’ll get. With practice, you’ll be able to increase your writing speed and good ideas will come much faster. Always remember, you don’t need to provide extra detail because people have short time spans anyway. Say what you have to say and say it quickly. Focus on its Length because it matter’s a lot if you want to rank this article.

Fill In The Gaps

Now fill in the gaps by writing the relevant body of your blog post writing style. Keep it simple, concise and clear. Don’t try to come up with complicated theories or write about things you’re not sure about. The internet is full of incredible content which you can relate to, quote, and cite. Make sure to use simple writing tools to keep the quality of your blog post writing high.

Avoid Repetition 

Repetition of words of phrases creates monotony. Once you’re done with the first draft of your blog writing post, read it thoroughly.  Check for words that can be replaced to avoid repetition. 

Clean It Up

You may be wondering how you can edit an article with just a little time left on the clock. But the trick is, if you let yourself write without thinking, you should have little to edit. You have captured your natural writing skill which is already good. Spend half your remaining time refining your ideas and polishing anything that might not be clear. At the end, spend the last half of your editing time to review spellings, grammar, and punctuation’s.

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Tell us about your way of writing blogpost is there any tip or tricks that i didn’t mention in this post..

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