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Are you looking for good content marketing tools? For this you must know that content strategy is equally important for you to perform well in market. To invest wisely you have to have a good content strategies. So this make it very important part of business.

Furthermore, content marketing strategy should be such that it must deliver fresh, unique and informative content to the people. Understanding the journey of buyer is also an important factor because 70% of buyer’s journey completes before they reach out to sales rep. This journey has 3 stages on which you can influence by marketing automation tools. The 3 stages are:

  • Awareness: Your buyers are totally unaware of your business. So at this stage you have to make buyers aware of your business and generate their interest. Furthermore address them with how can you help them and how can your business solve their problems.
  • Consideration: Now the buyers will start a deep research on your business and other shortlisted businesses. It is the time you have to use marketing automation tools to track their level of interest. Consequently you have to divert buyer’s attention to your business by your content.
  • Decision: Furthermore this is the last stage when buyers are ready to buy. They start comparing your costs, customer support and implementation. So now you have to be brand- specific with your content. The Buyers Journey, Tools for Content MarketingIn addition to content marketing strategy here are some of the content marketing tools to help you gain success and nurture buyers in this journey:
  1. BuzzSumo For Research

    Just look for BuzzSumo when you want to figure out online outlets and influencers which are getting most traction in your space. BuzzSumo will give you a list of highest ranking and influential content in your search terms. Moreover this not only gives you the trending sites but also help to discover platforms for advertising your content. Furthermore, in BuzzSumo the first five searches are free and it is a great tool for content creation.Buzzsumo for research for content marketing tools, tools for content marketingSo for more information here are some of the BuzzSumo’s available plans:

    • Pro at $99 per month- startup for small team and bloggers
    • Agency at $299 per month- teams can opt for this plan where they get Facebook Analyzer and Pro features.
    • Enterprise at $999 per month- best for large teams and advanced functions.
  2. CoSchedule For Organization

    Coschedule is the tool which manages your content and keeps it as fresh, consistent and engaging as possible. It also grows your readership and web presence. Moreover, its layout is such that it shows all the scheduled posts easily in one place. It makes your content marketing easier by features like drag-and-drop, seamless integration, rescheduling old posts and easy scheduling. Some of its other features are:

    • Manage Google docs content
    • Convert Google docs
    • Manage evernote content
    • Several integrations to ease your marketing tasks
  3. Crazy Egg For Optimization

    Furthermore another tool is Crazy Egg  which offers scroll maps, overlay maps and confetti report. It gives you insight of how your content is performing. The heat map in Crazy Egg enables you know of how many clicks you have and how to engage with your website. Moreover scroll maps gives the insight of the time taken by visitors in viewing particular section.

    You can also use Crazy Egg to re-prioritize important content on your popular pages. Every section that has been clicked has a bunch of colored markers. This allows you get more information by opening the colored markers attached to it. Furthermore confetti report gives the information of each click extensively.

  4. Convert Plug For Increasing Email Subscriptions

    Convert Plug is considered to be the best WordPress subscription plugin. It helps you to gain more leads and subscriptions. So if you are lacking in subscribers and want to get subscribers for newsletters and other content then Convert Plug is all you need.

    Furthermore with it you can also:

    • build a robust email
    • share update with subscribers
    • offer special deals and coupons to bring back visitors
    • capture more leads
    • drive more traffic to site
    • promote videos

  5. Buffer For Social Media Scheduling

    Managing a social media account and keeping it updated is an odd job for a busy business owner. So here is a solution to their problem i.e Buffer. Moreover it can also:

    • Manage multiple social media accounts like Facebook, twitter etc.
    • Set a schedule for update
    • Add and Delete updates easily


  6. Google Analytics For Tracking Traffic

    Furthermore having a sound knowledge of which content is engaging more and what is working and what is not, can help you in content marketing strategy.

    In addition, with Google Analytics you can also:

    • discover popular webpages
    • discover popular blogs shared
    • get knowledge of user’s interest content
    • determine the location of visitors in your web traffic
    • detect the campaigns that bring heavy traffic
    • see the most clicked pages of your site



So content marketing is a competitive field but content marketing tools and strategy mentioned above you can get useful insights for your content to work.

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