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Content Creation Machine 

Do you always think of content marketing value ? For a good content marketing value you must have a good content strategy that increases traffic to your site. Most often people ask about how can we get a high volume of content? So in this article I will share some of the tips  for becoming a content creation machine. The image is taken from Pinterest .

Now I will tell you some of the techniques that may help you in creating an amazing content and content marketing value. These tips will help you to create a brand awareness and organic traffic search. The following picture is taken from Search Engine Land. 

So here are some of the tips and tricks:

  • Plan For Future 

Furthermore you must not work under pressure that what people may think. You should try to create amazing content that match your content strategies. Planing is the process that leads you to success and your clients also.

Moreover first of all you must identify your strategic goals and then try your best to achieve those goals. In the next step you plan and schedule a content development that is required for the next few months or year.

Consequently the planing and achieving strategic goals will make your work in a flow. Furthermore it helps to create a great content.  Another great advantage of planning is, it helps you to come up with creative ideas and create a link with the previous content.

  • Production Phases Of Content

There are 3 phases of content production:

  1. Outline- The first step is to create a rough draft of your content is all about. Figure out the main idea of topic before you start writing. Moreover this outlining will help you to be on track and reduce your time, energy.
  2. Produce- Now write below the sub-headings you have already written. Try to make your sentences short and easily understandable.
  3. Edit- So the last step is to edit your content. See the content you have produced in a bit detail to avoid errors.
  • Collaboration

Collaboration can add a unique value to your audience. It should include linking to your collaborators’ websites and social profiles, sharing and promoting your content through social media. Some of the examples of collaborative content are interviews, quotes, roundups etc. The following picture is from The Green Biz.


  • Re purpose

The key to the great content is making it unique every time. Furthermore it is important to create a time elapse in your publication. If you are too frequent in doing it audience will think of it as a spam. Consequently if there are links in your publication people will view it as unnatural linking.

  • Create a Video Content

If you are facing something like writer’s block then you must for the video content. Videos are the best way to communicate with your audience and tell them about your company culture. Furthermore videos make you talk to audience like you may in person. The picture below is from The Buffer Blog.

content marketing value

  • Answer FAQS

Think yourself as a readers, try to generate questions that customers may ask from you. Moreover turns these questions into your content in which you answer the FAQS. So try to have a communication with your sales representative and try to make of list of questions and topics that people ask from them on daily basis. If you are active on social media websites, you will heard a lot of questions so try to answer them in your content. The following picture is from The Dealdey Blog.

content marketing value

  • Produce Ever Green Content

Ever Green content is the content that stands on every test of time. Try to create content that breaks the boundaries of time and is valuable even after months of publication. Furthermore your content should be such that you can promote at any time and gives you result every time. Build new strategies for content marketing. It should be so relevant and valuable to the audiences over the elapse of  time. The following picture is taken from distilled.

content marketing value


I hope the above tips and tricks will help you to have a great content marketing value in future. All of the 8 points are important for becoming a content machine. To learn more about tools of content marketing Click Here.








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