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Content Marketing


 Content Marketing

So what is content marketing? Content Marketing is the generation and distribution of high quality content. The high quality content engage large number of audiences online. Furthermore like all other types of marketing, content marketing is use for:

  • Drive customer acquisition
  • Deeper engagement with customers
  • For creating brand awareness

As soon as the trend of new media has emerged the audiences mind is shifted toward the content marketing. Through this marketing you are giving your customers relevant and quality content to solve their issues. Basically you can say that content marketing is the way of communicating with customers. You give all the information to your customers regarding a product in the form of entertainment, education and practical value.

Why Content Marketing?

According to an advertising report people tend to trust digital media more as compared to text ads. Almost 65% of the customers consume digital media. In the list of trusted medium editorial content is at the top in Tv, radio as well as newspaper.

digital media

Content Marketing Strategies

For content marketing you must have a strategy. Content marketing strategy ensures you that your business will grow. In addition it also ensures that your money, energy and time is safe. You must focus on strategy to be safe from creating irrelevant content that does not attract audiences. So what are the main points to keep in mind while building a content strategy? Here are 5 of them:

  1. Define Your Goals
    This is the first and foremost step. So this is the first turning point of building a winning strategy. May be this sound quite easy to you but it is difficult to define your goals and objectives. You must think of what is the future of your content marketing and how it will help you? Your objectives might include:

    • Organic Traffic
    • Unique Page Views
    • Leads Generated
  2. Investigate The Competitive Landscape

    Moreover keep an eye on your competitors content and what is the performance of that content? To analyze some of the articles and content of your competitor you can use BuzzSumo. Furthermore this tool will tell you about your likes, shares and also your number of links.s

  3. Find Out What Content Has Worked Best For You

    “Google Analytics” is not as difficult as some people think of it. Its not much complicated. Go to Google support-form which explains everything in step-by-step manner. So have a look at Google Analytics to see which of your content is doing good and which one is doing bad. Furthermore which page generates more traffic. For this you will have to check “Search Analytics” report. Now analyze your content on BuzzSumo.

  4. Knowledge About Your Audience Interest

    Furthermore have a knowledge of what your audiences want to know and what are they searching the most on Google. You can check is by a tool called Answer the public. This tool gives you the Google’s auto suggest queries.

    In addition you can also know your users more by twitter insights. So by this you will have an idea what kind of content your users want.

  5. Create An Amplification Plan

    Consequently the last stage for content marketing strategy is to create a plan. So this detailed plan will enable you to know that how will you distribute your content and get to the large audiences. Here are two of the action plans you can use to promote your content in a better way:

    • Use Paid Ads On Facebook- If you have a good budget, use a couple of dollars to run some of the Facebook ads. Furthermore you can pack a creative message into a 20 second video to support your ads. Use the brands that interests your audience more. Targeting the right audience will allow you to reach more users.
    • Use The Power Of Outreach- Moreover in this step you have to make lists of sites and bloggers you will contact. This will allow you a decent score on number of links and shares. So this will result in a good traffic and leads. Once you have a list of sites you want to get connect to then comes the most difficult part i.e how will you reach these sites? You can do it in many ways like filling websites contact form, emailing them, using social media to contact them etc.


I hope these all points will help you to build a good content marketing strategy. Furthermore just writing content and publishing it will not help you in heavy traffic. You need to know exactly what connects to the people most and develop a strategy plan.





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