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Electionland: A real solution of voters issues that face on polling stations.

What is Electionland

Voting is a central act of democracy; no democracy is completed without right voting- Electionland is a project that is implemented in Nov 2016 American elections.

This project access the ballot and all the problems voters face during voting at polls. More than 450 journalists, two non-profit organizations,650 journalism students and many media organizations were there in 2016 elections. Electionland project kept eye on every activity held in polls and reported in real time.

How Electionland works?

Electionland gathers data from google trends, activities going on social media and breaking news about elections. Then create a huge and updated platform which comes up with real time information or any issues people face during election.

ProPublica, Univision, the First Draft Coalition, the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism ,WNYC News, and the Google News Lab is worked with Electionland to find out out all issues.These all organization have more than 700 journalist. journalist give authentic news from social media platforms, whats app message , google trends ,twitter post. ElectionLand have a group which compromise hundred of media channels jounalist if any issue occur report send to all journalist. so tips get beofore polling stations closed. Electionland is also integrated with google maps to search out what is happening around different polls in a country. What type of issues voters are facing easily visualize by google trends map?

By combining all the previous trends and Electionlands come up most search items about 2012 elections and 2016 trends: here are following issues that voters are facing:

  • Ballots status-conditional: it means votes are accepted and counted in with certain conditions and some defined circumstances.
  • People have to wait lengthy hour on polling stations
  • Voting machines breakdown
  • Voters pressures at polling stations
  • Voters intimidations
  • Inactive voter status

How Real time google maps works for ElectionLand

Electionland Working,

With a help of pitch interactive, Electionland were able to make a real-time search map trend.

  • When search interest in a specific voting issue is more than national average interest of the town than a circle appears on the map. If circle is bigger means the larger the gap between their city averages and national averages. A very big circle represents that people have more interest in a specific topic than national average interest.
  • Circle is cumulative, it diminished when polling stations are closed and increase with a time as the voting start on a polling station till than close time.
  • When you click on issue it will turn on and give you related details
  • If some query is entered recently then it shows significant spike so people can find recent search result more accurately.Data is dragged on a result with every 15 minutes and spike is considered with previous 15 minutes.
  • In a case if unexpected spike is appear with in 15 minutes.It will show at the bottom most of the screen.

Observe the map through out the day and you will understand how issues are being search out. You can also find out results of whole day by hitting on REPLAY button.Visit Electionland Here:


Voting Electionland


The major goal of Electionland to overcome the problems that people are facing during cast of vote in elections. Or any other issue that are preventing people by casting their right vote. Many journalists , social media organization are part of this project. If you are journalist and want to be part of Electionland send text “JOURNO” to 69866.Voters who want to be part of this can send text ELECTIONLAND to 69866.

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