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Customer Engagement Tactics 2017

Exceptional and efficient customer engagement tactics 2017

As time passes customer success strategies always change. But the thing that never get alter is the need of effective and exceptional customer engagement tactics. Due to change in the world where everything is going to be digitalized and to meet the demands of these changes marketers try so hard. They try to make the strategies more towards human centred. This is issue that most customers want brands to be transparent. People tend to prefers brands that would not do more interruption.This thing make marketers more challenged to reach customers the without any interpretation and annoyance.

Gartner  stated that, in future existing customers will take immense importance. Because  80% of company revenue will generate from that customers. This reason result in to increase the pressure and responsibility on marketers to make their marketing strategies in way that they find clients that are a accurate for their offers, services, to avoid costly turnover and missed revenue opportunities.

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Richard Branson, marketing and brand extraordinaire, “A good entrepreneur starts with a customer problem. From this point, they can develop a solution and with passion, hard work and a bit of a risk and luck, they stand a good chance of success. Marketers are very well positioned to understand those customer problems.”

Top customer engagement tactics 2017

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What is consumer or client Engagement?

Consumer or client engagement is a process to maintain a communication connection between company and external stake holders (consumers or clients) through different communication channels. Through this connection you get to know about their reactions , effects, interactions  and overall consumer behavior.

However , there are many important customer engagement tactics that are implemented now a days in digital world. Let’s have a deep look on that :

Behavioral Marketing

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  • Marketing is all about to detailed understanding of your customers, their preferences and their interest. This is very important for the sales of your products that you acquire and retained your customers. That’s only can be possible by behavioral marketing.
  • There are a lot of best ways to prevent circumstances in which brands supposed to be interruption. One way is determining the behavior of existing customers. For that reason, a behavioral marketing is amazing strategy to search out engaged users.
  • The main challenge that how companies can reach and engage their customers. In before times email marketing strategy was very professional and efficient way to activate and leads the opportunities. This was best way to reach and impact on customers but now things are changed Transnational email marketing”  come as solution to reach and engage customers in a personalized.
  • Urban said that , “In a world where consumers have more options than ever before, if you are not thinking with a consumer-first mindset, your strategies will consistently be self-serving, your programs under performing, and consumers converting with your competitors.”

Influencer marketing and Social influencers

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One of another amazing way to boost and increase trustworthiness for a brand is by making partnership with the organization who already trust your audience. Influencer marketing is another way that getting importance, a lot of business and companies approaching solo influencer that will be able to do with influencer portfolio. Influncer marketing have following important strategies that need to be considered:

  • Identify Your Audience
  • Look for Right influencers
  • Monitor influencers For Opportunities
  • Take Action And Engage
  • Measure Your Results

In addition to influencer marketing gaining importance from  experts and experienced professional leaders- these endorsements from leaders can result into business partnerships. People will be confident and it will increase your brand image. This step of social influencer result in to better engagement of audience.

Customer engagement strategy: customers share their point of view

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This is an important strategy for engaging customers that instead of every time. Brand owners tell customers their brand story, ask customer about their point of view. So, from now owners and marketers are going away from this strategy of becoming primary owner of the brand story. They are giving this to their customers that they can share their experiences.

However , according to one recent report, “The days of conventional brand storytelling is over, thanks to the democratization of content creation and the rise of image over text.”

Instead of giving whole thing in customer that they talk about the brand. Organization come up with the solutions that customer talk about their with each other. So , creating the community in this way leads to brand popularity but you have to make a controlled platform for the customers where they share their point of view. To deliver positive and realistic views.

In addition to this one more important if advertisement is on television or any social media platform you product must in a market in huge amount. It has amazing impression on customers when they see product in a market it will increase customer trust and they engage to your brand in a better way.


So, we conclude that for user engagement you must have detailed idea of customers insights. Plan and execute your campaign by keeping in mind above strategies. Loyalty always win , keep loyal with your customers whatever the case may be it will boost the trust of your audience and nurture the relationship with them. From this thing you can easily convert your customers into your brand advocates.

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