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Facebook Changes Algorithm

Facebook changes algorithm to moderate and monitors spam content

Facebook Changes Algorithm for Spam Monitoring

Facebook changes algorithm to monitor all spams. The changes in computer algorithm on the back-end of news feeds. It limit people reach to frequently used spam links, misinformation, sensationalist websites and clickbait stories.

Social problems on Facebook due to spam posts

This is good step towards tackle social problems- as world largest social platform decided to cut-off these spam. Facebook was trying to make action on this social problem from years but unable to make it. After spreading hoax news widely on Facebook during US presidential campaigns. This problem become serious and very urgently things came into actions. They work on this issue to resolve spam post.

Facebook said due to change in back-end of news feed-it will reduce influence of “tiny group”. The people who share a lot of low quality public post. About 0.1 people are used to share more than 50 public post in a day they all fell into that category of “tiny groups”

Company stated that this change in back end of news feeds only effect the spam post link that they share, not their personal photos and post.

Monitoring of spam posts- Facebook’s Top management statements

Facebook’s vice president Adam Mosseri said in an interview that:

“Our research shows that there is a tiny group of people on Facebook who routinely share vast amounts of public posts per day, effectively spamming people’s feeds,”

The algorithm at the backend of News Feed only find out which post has seen their friends, marketers, advertising agency and other sources. How users are responding to posts . It also finds out the trend . There is a lot of Facebook user they tweak their computer code most of the time.

The latest tweaks have very low impact. said Jennifer Grygiel- A Syracuse university communication professor who controls social media. In an interview, he told that Facebook need to hire more content moderator to balance posts.

“Communications platforms used to employ a whole lot more humans, but what we’ve been led to believe now is that technology will solve everything,” Grygiel said.

Changes comes into action for spam post

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In May, Facebook also publicized a change that the post which contain annoying adds or irrelevant content would give less importance to them.

In August, A change was made that diminished the stories of headlines with clickbait-style.

“Friday’s change will de-prioritize links from specific spammers” Mosseri said.

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