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Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook Live Streaming- How can you improve and expand your business through Facebook Live

Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook Live Streaming is a sensational trend nowadays. Launched back in April 2016, It has established their scale to overtake YouTube to be the #1 Live streaming platform on the internet. But leaving the YouTube behind here we will talk about Facebook Live because of its huge and complete scale.
As Per latest news Facebook compromise 2 billion users of June 2017 which is more than all social media users.

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Moreover, not only you can approach your targeted audience through this live feature but also would be able to engage targeted audience in real time conversation. It feels good to have huge audience but it’s not that simple to attract audience unless you are doing something entertaining or attractive.

You must be wondering about how Facebook Live Feature can benefit your business?

here are some answers that may satisfy you or may not.

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According to research it is find out that brands are spending about $36 billion for the advertisements on social media and why shouldn’t they?. People spend most of their time on the internet specifically on the social media which can be a justified reason for brands to market their product through Facebook. Not just that, the video advertisement is more beneficial  due to preference of

  • watching the video over reading the content.
  • getting live video rather recorded to stay updated.
  • Live feedback- As users comment and find their answers on the spot.

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Now Question arises what should be the strategies to get fruitful results from Facebook live.

Here are some real examples to improve marketing or reaching to the people through Facebook live rather than writing a long content about your product.

Tips for successful Facebook Live streaming


Here are some Tips related to Facebook LIVE  and some Businesses that exceed Vigorously because of this Live feature.

  1. Addressing to blog comments- As on your blog you answer people comment written on Facebook but it is more
  2. You can introduce people with your business insights like by showing how you work for your product and by sharing your work process through live streaming.
  3. Upcoming Event promotion- Share the upcoming events with the public. It will increase user engagement.
  4. Introduced new products with users, if you haven’t posted yet anything about that product sneak peek your audience with new ones.
  5. Questions Answers sessions

Inspirational Brands: How they expand their business by using Facebook Live streaming

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Like other businesses BuzzFeed didn’t launch and sell products but instead of that they attracted people through click-bait viral content, entertainment and for which they have used channel of Facebook live streaming. They attract people with content and advertise it. Let’s share their example how they attract their customer through entertainment. Back in April 2016 when this Facebook feature launched, two people put rubber band on water Mellon one by one, to find out how much time water Mellon take to burst out. So, this action of Buzzfeed attracted 807,000 viewers, 320,000 comments and Video ended up after 45 minutes. They increased people curiosities  through out the video.

Buzzfeed on Facebook Live


Another latest social media sensation is LuLaRoe. They sell many varieties of clothes through Facebook live streaming. They hosted many Facebook parties and 35,000 independent sales consultants work with them. Some consultants held parties locally and they all join each through Facebook Live. This action make their feature grow and grow.

Lularoe live facebook party

Women used to enjoy these parties and get to know about the products and consultants. This strategy of Facebook live streaming resulted the LuLaRoe in to a billion dollar company.

Grazia UK

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Another example for inspiration can be Grazia. The magazine of an Italian woman. Grazia visited Facebook London headquarters for the partnership on their first “Community Issue”. During this visit Grazia remain live on Facebook and told about the events , behind the scene and other major things happened there. She realized the fans and followers that they are for the events. The most successful video was a roundtable debate concerning Brexit because of the active participation of public in the debate. So, this act felt like the followers were there all the time for all the events.

There are many other startups and businesses from which we can find out Facebook live streaming is a sensational and amazing feature of Facebook through you can improve your business techniques.

Comment below, if you have any queries regarding Facebook live streaming.


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