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Top Five Movies in Septemer

Five Amazing Movies To Watch In September 2017

There are many movies out there going to be released in this year, here are five amazing movies with maximum views of tailors. All would be worth watching movies – Horror,passions,ambitions,comedy seem to be part of all these up coming films, Have a deep look and Enjoy !!

The Teacher

This movie is made from the era of 1983, in that era communism was very high in Czechoslovakia. It is basically a new teacher Maria Drazdechova ( Maurery) comes to a class room of pre-teen students and she asks about their parents living style instead of children. She gets favor from all students according to their parent’s profession. Students grades totally depends upon how their parents help this teacher in her house hold things.

It basically presents the status of eastern Europe how teacher worked and how communities established. Director Jan Hřebejk and writer Petr Jarchovský basically follow up their best dramas “Divided we fall” and “Kawasaki’s Rose” with this darkly comic film that Indiewire’s David Ehrlich says is “A sardonic, richly seriocomic morality play that uses a delicate touch to explore why communism never seems to work out in the long run. This crowd-pleasing standout… leverages its hyper-specific setting to convey a universal story of fear and power.”

  • This movie is going to be release 1 September 2017 in the US and Argentina.
  • It will be released on 7 September in Italy
  • Genre: Art House & international, Comedy, Drama
  • Run Time: 102 minutes
  • Studio: Film movement

American made

Tom Cruise is known for his lovable number of roles. He acted such roles in different movies like a great military officer in “Edge of Tomorrow” and his cursed grave- robber in “The Mummy”. American made is also of same pattern. This story is between a pilot , CIA and as a drug runner in the south during the 1980’s. It’s sort of a true-life thriller, he plays Barry seal, CIA asked from one airline pilot to run a secret mission in Latin America. Later on he also become a drug carrier for Pablo Escobar’s cartel. This movie is directed by Doug Liman and written by written by Gary Spinelli.


Stronger is real story based movie about the person Jeff Bauman, He is the ordinary man who lost in legs, after the tragedy he manage to survive in the world and become real survivor of 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. He was invited at different sport events, appeared on TV. Even he was struggling with his mental and physical trauma but still he was praised as real hero. This movie is all about Jeff Bauman own biography how he managed and capture all experiences, to do all on wheel chair.

  • Movie is directed by David Gordon Green
  • It will be released on 21 September in Singapore
  • On 22 September in the United States and Canada
  • And 29 September in Estonia

Rebel in the Rye

Rebel in the Rye is a 2017 American biographical drama film directed and written by Danny Strong. This movie is based on JD Salinger real life untold story, He was an author of 21 century and from the era of World War 2. This movie is about why did he only write one novel and three stories in his whole life? Instead of his exceptional talent why did he stop publishing 45 years before his death. This movie is answers of all these questions.

Premiere had on air at the Sundance Film Festival on January 24, 2017 and film will be released  on September 15, 2017, by IFC Films.


It is horror movie based on the 1986 novel of same name “it”. It is giving the symbol of how powerful forces can split and destroy the society. This story is about Fear , greed and ambitions. One evil appear to people and scare them , One have to be fight against them. Its going to released on

  • 7 September in Australia and Brazil,
  • 8 September in the US and UK
  • 15 September in Turkey and South Africa.

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