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the future of seo


What Is the Future of SEO?

Why is the future of SEO a big topic? It is because SEO has changed over the years. Moreover its future relies on a complex relationship with content marketing, social media and technology. With the insight of some experts, we are going to  identify new set of roles that will do justice not only with the current roles but in full time roles.

Now lets have look at where is SEO going from past to the future:


In the beginning SEO was more about the technical practices manipulating codes. People used to built multiple sites and microsites etc but from the money view point people used to think it as technical management budgets. It was a luxury for the people not a commodity. Most of the work of the SEO was for the foreigners. Moreover it never factored into line items.


SEO became a strategic importance for most of the organizations earlier in 2004-2005.  Furthermore it also became a tool for branding, marketing and sales. This was the time when SEO move over the marketing budgets. Even if the CMO’s did not understand its functionality they did care about SEO.

As soon as marketers started caring about the SEO, it developed more relevancy to the core business strategies. As a result of this it had an explosion in ‘SEO experts’ and ‘SEO DIY’ options. Making a place in business strategies Moz, SEMRush, KeyWord finder and number of others popped up.

Due to so many hosts the SEO buyers expect a low cost option. If one host will cost more they will turn to the other host because of having so many options. Or they might do it themselves.


That is where we are now- SEO is shifted from keyword focus to topics focus. The shift is always been a topic of discussion but this step can hurt the rankings SEO.

It all gives arise to a question: What is next? The present is saturated market. People cost $100 cost per click for “SEO Expert Service” in Adwords. Furthermore there were more than 13 million blog posts with SEO title in 2012. You can earn a lot in this dollar space. 37 percent of the local SEO consultants are generating $30,000  revenue.


So now what is the future of SEO? What changes will it bring to the future of seo? Here are some of the changes:

  1. Tools and technology may overtake the practice again.
  2. Change to focus on social signals and quality of content.
  3. With the reduction of Yahoo enterprise and many other free and reliable search engines has increased the demand of SEO.future of seo
  4. Convergence of SEO- Changes in the search engine represent convergence of social media, strategy and tactics.
  5. Furthermore with the increased prominence on the social media content it is clear that social signals are now part of any search optimization techniques.
  6. Many new changes have been brought to the SEO techniques.  For some this means building new changes in the search environment. For others this change is a continuous process giving new SEO opportunities by collaborating with the clients.
  7. In a recent survey the 72 percent of the marketers concluded that they would invest more on search marketing technology.
  8. The convergence in SEO allows the SEO professionals and clients to gain higher ROI.
  9.  To refine data relative to business outcomes, more intelligent systems are developed like Alexa, Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO.
  10. IgnitionOne and Adobe Acquisition of Efficient Frontier gives deeper insight of how the wider search, social and digital ecosystems appears to be evolving.
  11. SEO also provides platforms to incorporate social media CRM tools into enterprise SEO  platforms.
  12. SEO future will provide an opportunity to identify and manage influencers beyond backlinks.
  13. In order to bring more change the opportunities to “reinvent SEO wheel” are there i.e
  • Having close collaboration with industry peers
  • Furthermore in order to collaborate more is should utilize, changes, convergence and innovation in SEO technology. And collaborate more with industry peers, clients and agencies.

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