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Biggest update : Summary of All 101 updates by Google

Google Announcements FROM GOOGLE I/O ‘17

Finally the wait is over the biggest Google announcements and the most anticipated event of the year for android developers and Google fans was legitimately wrapped up on Friday 19th May, 2017. The team decided to monumentalize that occasion by reviewing all major proclamations that were made in Mountain View, California. Emily Wood, Google’s Manager of Global Communications and Public Affairs, published a blog that contained all the new information disclosed at the latest iteration of the company’s annual developer conference. Many topics at the nucleus, most particularly: Google Assistant, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies and Android O.

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Google Assistant 

A glimpse at the list shows that Assistant is available on over 100 million devices around the world. The program will be broadening to the phones having Brazilian Portuguese, French, German and Japanese as their main language. Assistant-compatible devices will also facilitate transactions and payment.

Google Home will receive major updates. Free calling (landlines and mobile) will soon be available via Google Home in the USA and Canada. It is expanding and will soon be available in other parts of the world particularly Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Japan. Bluetooth aid will be added to the device, so users can stream their favorite music through the speakers. There are a lot of personal assistants available on the market, but those features certainly make Google Home one of the most likable now.

Google Assistant and Google Home is discussed many times and had 23 announcements in total. It’s perceived that Google make policies in order to upgrade those products to catch more customers and push the tech world towards artificial intelligence. They can do better though. According to statistics, Android is an operating system for over 2 billion devices. Those numbers are fierce and show that Assistant is available on 5 percent of devices with Google’s OS.

Virtual reality and augmented reality with major Google Announcements

Plethora of Daydream-ready phones is coming soon.  It will have compatibility with Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8. Google is also making Daydream phone-free: it will soon support standalone VR headsets that don’t desire a phone or PC. An Educational Daydream Elements (VR) application is also available in the Play Store. A new version of Euphrates is the Up to the minute announcements of Daydream. It will enable users to capture what they’re seeing and cast a virtual world right onto the screen for others to see the VR experience, in a social environment. It will be publicly available in the following year. Instant Preview is the new advancement for developers that reflects the changes on a headset in just a few seconds.

Android O

This year was a bit different from the previous because android was the main focal point of the conference.  Android O is more an evolution than revolution having public beta available for supported devices. There are some fascinating aspects worth mentioning. From a developer’s point of view, the most exciting news is the debut of Kotlin as an officially-supported programming language. As consistently, Google always focus on the battery life and consumption, there are some applications that will multiply their performance. Background service restrictions also aim to improve battery life. Some of the other provocative announcements of Android O are Google Play Protect, Find My Device, and smart text selection.

Some Other Important Announcements in this Google Announcements

The importance of machine learning and cloud services is highlighted throughout the event. Smart Reply to Gmail on Android and iOS is already using machine learning for seamless responses. Google announced the second generation Clout TPUs in order to make it even more efficient and they will use them in the Google Compute Engine. Finally, the Google for Jobs is also using the machine learning to find the best job candidates.

There will be an opportunity for the users to share the libraries with their friends or families. Users can select whatever they want to share the full library or just certain photos. Finally, physical photo books from Google are now available for $9.99 and $19.99 for soft or hard cover respectively. In U.S availability is limited for now.



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