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Google Attribution

Google Attribution : Optimize And Measure Marketing – Axelblog

Google Attribution : Update for Marketers 

To answer the question for marketers “Is my marketing working?” Google launch Google attribution. Google says that campaign attribution Google analytics is designed to answer that specific question and fearlessly claims that “for the first time in history, it will be viable for every marketer to measure the impact of their marketing across devices and across channels.”

Marketers love the concept of web analytics attribution, but making it work in the real world has validated it towards difficulty. Google says that marketing attribution Google analytics will address a number of the biggest attribution challenges, including difficulty of use, cross-device tracking and ad tool integration.

Working of Google Attribution

In terms of integration, it’s no surprise that Google has integrated attribution modeling tool with its ads and analytics products. As per to Google, the Attribution “takes in data across AdWords, Google Analytics and Double Click Search beyond any additional tagging,” and “results are promptly available for reporting, updating bids or moving budget between channels.”

Now Multi channel attribution refined the data-driven algorithmic approach. Google analytics Google Attribution 360 analyzes every conversion sequence to reveal the true value. By transforming the first and third-party data, it’s able to measure the response each ad has on a conversion when it’s involved (or not) in a particular sequence and dictate where credit is due. If the rates are exact or nearly so, the missing event gets little or no credit. If the rates are remarkably different, then that missing event did have an impact.

Explained diagram by Babak Pahlavan, Google’s senior director. source techcrunch.

Google Attribution

Free of Cost

Google Attribution 360 was announced last year and its a paid attribution solution whose target market was giant marketers. The latest announced web analytics attribution model platform will be free. It will surely make an attractive option for marketers at limited and mid-sized businesses already using Google’s ad services

It can be hard to give credit to channels when marketer doesn’t know exactly which channels are generating results. It’s so important to have clear visibility into the customer journey and the impact your marketing is having on consumers.

Access to Store

The attribution-value model will give marketers access to store sales measurement at the device and campaign layers. Those Marketers whose companies collect email material at the point-of-sale can import store sales data into Google AdWords.

Google has established relationships with firms to track offline sales. It gives access to data for 70% of credit and debit card transactions in the United States. Data will be aggregated in store sales and providing it to marketers even if they don’t report sales data to Google.

Measurement extended to YouTube video ads

Google will broaden its ‘Store Visits’ technology to video and facilitate its customers to find local stores directly via YouTube video ads that have location extensions. Jerry Dischler, vice-president of product management at Google, said, “Our research propose that more than 50% of all internet users look for videos related to the product or service ahead of purchase”. According to recent research, a fast food chain Wendy’s had nearly a million visits as a result of a YouTube campaign although this feature was already available for search, shopping and display ads. Google claims YouTube ads will help marketers get a better perspective of the full path to purchase.

Privacy Concerns

Its partnerships give access to spending data only, not transaction details like products purchased in order to counter privacy concerns. The search revealed that it developed a new, custom encryption technology. It guarantees users’ data remains confidential, protected, and anonymous.”

To observed Google is collecting to much data. Not surprising, the fact that Google has collaborated with firms giving it access to data for billions of credit card transaction has caused various observers to speak out about the privacy implications of attribution reporting models.

Google Attribution is now in beta and will rise to more advertisers over the coming months. The paid enterprise version, Attribution 360 that launched as part of the Analytics 360 suite is still available.

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