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Google Beta Testers Program

So Google Beta Testers Program has its launch in this spring. Basically this is an app testing program for the new updates on the Play Store by Beta Testers. This app enables the developers the ability to reach early adopters. Furthermore they are willing to try their app while still in beta, ahead of its public launch. The following picture is from Tech Crunch. 

google beta testers

Initially only a hand-picked group of 29 apps and games were available on Google Beta Testers. But now ” Early Access” is opening up by Google for a broader apps and games. Moreover the basic concept of Early Access is to highlight best upcoming applications for developers who do not have active user community. Here are some of the features of Beta Testing app:

  • Try unreleased apps through early access
  • Get beta versions of app
  • Space is limited in Beta and early access programs
  • See your early access and beta programs
  • Leave a beta program
  • Provide feedback to the developer

Benefits Of Google Beta Testers

So through Google Beta Testing you can test new app update releases by Google. If your target people like the update then you can bring forward the change to everyone. This feedback can also be used for making the app better.

If you have a new app you can know what people will like before the launching. Also you can identify and avoid bugs that are deal breakers for new users. You can get free improved features in real time as Google assist you in friction free app testing.

How To Use It?

Google Beta Testers give you flexibility in testing criteria. So when you decide to launch your app Google recommend you with small alpha group. Furthermore this detects the bugs and then start the beta testing process. In addition Google enables you to test your beta version among the 5% of your users. Make sure to have a pre-registration before the official launch of app. Do not over look the Google Beta Testers because they help you to understand the users demands.

google beta testers

The picture above is from Code Uridea.

Google  Plus Beta Testers

Google Plus is also looking for Beta Testers. It made an announcement ” Those who will be part of Beta Program can experience new features and have a chat with Google Plus team as well as other beta testers.”

So those who want to be Beta Tester should be active and motivated to learn about Google Plus. Furthermore Google Plus Beta Tester should provide high level feedback. Google Plus is expected to enroll limited number of testers.

How To Become Google Beta Tester

In addition you can also become a Beta Tester. Moreover not all of the developers release a Beta version.  Here are some of the steps that you have to follow to become a Beta Tester:

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Do app searching for which you want to become tester
  • In the next step if the app has Beta version you will get the option

google beta testers


  • Click on I’m In
  • Now you will see a message will pop up, just click on join
  • So now you just have to wait a couple of minutes and automatically you will become a Beta Tester.
  • Eventually when you become a Beta Tester the option of ” Beta Sign up in progress” will change to ” you are a tester now”
  • Consequently now you just have to download Beta Version if there is any


So if you want to be a Beta Tester just follow the simple steps above. Beta Testing is a good way to know about your app by the Testers. So just be a Beta Tester for your favorite app.




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