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Google Chrome native ad blocker

Google’s New Feature-Google Chrome Native Ad Blocker in Desktop and Mobile


Google Chrome Native Ad Blocker

“Google Chrome Native Ad Blocker” is introduced by Google to provide ease to the users. The new “Google Chrome native ad blocker” will be introduced for both the desktop and mobile. The company has confirmed with the announcement that this feature will be live and available in 2018. Now these settings are available on Android.

  • Chrome Canary
  • Chrome Dev

Strategies to maintain both Google Advertisement Business and Block Feature at the Same Time

Now the point that should raised in your mind is online advertisement is a core business of the google. You can make money online by advertisement. Then how can google come up with this “Google chrome native ad blocker”. The answer seems like Google is very much concerned about their users convenience and not to make them annoy and also the business remains stable.  So, they mentioned justified characteristics that which type of ad’s will be blocked.

  • Intrusive Ads- Only push ads that have nothing to do with google.
  • Ads will be published that meet the standards set by google for advertisement.
  • All ads before publishing will be agreed by google and cross-industry organization members ” Coalition for Better Ads”
  • There are software for blocking ad’s which also effect google business, will be managed.
  • Pop-ups and “prestitial ads” that mostly effect the content to be shown.

Moreover, in Canary builds of the chrome, Features will appear and disappear very quickly. After testing and experimentation it is find out that the purpose of the canary channel to check out updates and have to published what new is coming.So this now you can see in a picture.

Image result for google chrome native ad blocker

It is reported that google will introduce this new feature in 2018. So publishers have time to check their advertising practices with the dedicated to follow up characteristics which type of the ad will be blocked. Google is also introducing a tool for the users that they can block third party ads blocking services. They can pay for getting totally advertisement free website.

Now Let’s see How Google will maintain their advertising business and provide comfort to their users from annoying advertisement at the same time.


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