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What Is Google Directory?

Google Directory combines Google’s search project with Open Directory Project. Thus creating a tool for finding information on web. The Directory has certain improvements for people so that they get relevant information easily. Some of the main improvements it provided are:

  •  It gave importance to the ranking. Furthermore Page Rank technology it ranks the sites based on their importance. This enables the quality content to appear at the top results of Directory.
  • It allows smarter search within the categories. Due to this technology users can search deeply and can produce more relevant results as compared to other directories.
  • Moreover Google’s classification technique regular Google Search with the information on Google Directory. It gives one click access to the relevant information directly.

Google Directory Categories

If a user is unfamiliar a certain topic and has to find information on that topic. Google Directory provides the user with different classifications on the basis of subjects. The Directory is similar to table of contents in a book. The user can quickly browse the category and get the required information.

Google Directory has  human matter subjects. NetScape Search, AOL Search, DirectHit and many others also use open source directory. The experts then evaluate and classify entries. So after that they get a rank using Page Rank. You can use directory instead of web search when you have to:

  1. Get familiar with Topic
  2. Narrow down your search suggestions
  3. Get idea of query terms
  4. Figure out  the scope of category
  5. Pages evaluated by human editor

google directory

The picture above is from Google Guide.

Shut Down Of Google Directory

Google Directory has now come to an end. May be it must be a part of focusing on a powerful range of services.

  • The Closure Of Directory

The Directory project launched in 2000 in competition with Yahoo’s equivalent. Google largely drew from DMOZ- the open directory project. Furthermore the sorting function of DMOZ enables the sites ranked according to relevancy. As same as Google rankings the sorting function used the examination of link popularity. So the picture below is from Search Engine Watch.

In addition to other directory sites, Google directory has also stopped working. As a result this provides a platform to other websites to organize and publicize. The users web navigation is now dominated with Search. Directories are only link juice value for the users. So Google stopped supporting Directory Search.

At instance it has just vanished.  As shown in the picture above Google Directory sites it says that use the search engine instead. If you intent to use directory it shows you to visit Furthermore it is the clear message notification that Google Directory is closed.

  • Outdated Services

Google Directory has outdated services and support for Google Toolbar for Firefox, closing Google Power Meter and Google Health.  Google wasted a lot time in all these things. Consequently it was a time when Google should be rifle rather than shot gun.

Moreover as a result of shutdown users moved away from “bought SEO”. Gray-Hat SEO tactics like purchasing links from important directories and often employed by spam websites in an attempt to crawl SERP. So if Google directory is shut down this will result in the shut down of many other directories.

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