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Google Penalty Checker Tools



Think of one morning Google penalize you so now what will you do? Will you directly go for searching Google Penalty Checker Tool? Before moving to the Google Penalty Checker Tools you must follow two steps. Consequently some of the Webmasters try to directly change the parts of their site. You must clearly diagnose the penalty and then try to make steps in accordance. Here are two of the steps which can help you:

  • The first step is to have a knowledge of which penalty is hit by Google on your site and why it has happened.
  • The second step is how can you overcome this penalty and do not let to happen it in future.

Google Penalty Checker Tools

So once you have identified your penalty you can get back from this penalty by some tools. The following tools are listed in order from best to worst. Some of the tools are:

Moz Change History

Moz, Google Penalty Checker Tools

As shown in the picture above, Moz enlists all the major updates and the date they happened and additional information about the update. By reading this page you further get information about how this penalty can affect your site and what will come in the future.

If you ever see you have hit by Google Penalty go for this Google Penalty tools at first. As soon as major change is reported this page is updated. If you have major drop-off this may also be featured on page.

Penguin Google Penalty Check Tool

This Google Penalty Checker Tools is around for a long time. Furthermore it is simple to use and gives quick information for you. To sign up on Penguin Tool is easy. You just have to sign up using Google Analytics account. As you sign up you will be able to see your traffic and exact moment Google Update went live. It is shown in the picture below:


So in the above picture the vertical lines represent the major algorithm change and how much changes will affect your traffic. Moreover if you click any of these vertical lines they will show you the information of update and why they happen and what they mean for your site.

Rank Ranger

Elements of Moz’s Change History Tool and their MozCast Tool combines in Rank Ranger. They provide you with all information on one screen. Rank Ranger gives deep information of each update.

Rank Ranger, Google Penalty Checker Tools

Furthermore in accordance with the chart shown above the green bars indicate you are okay, so as always red means danger and blue means you do not have to worry at all.

Fruition Google Penalty Checker Tools

Fruition’s tool is not widely known but it is best tool which exactly shows what difference is there in your site. It is new and reliable. It tells you whether or not you are penalize by Google updates. The chart below will show you the updates and how can they change your traffic. Moreover you can also know about the changes it can bring using different devices. Only if you like you can see detailed information about these changes.

Fruition Google Penalty Checker Tools

5. SEMRush Sensor

After Panguin, SEMRush Sensor is the most comprehensive tool. SEMRush shows you what Google has been doing for the last few days. Furthermore you can add your own site for analysis. The SEMRush Sensor analyze every page, keyword rank and give you back the precise data of your SERP volatile.

SEMRush Sensor

6. Accuranker’s Google Grump Rating

It is the tool to monitor the Google algorithms. The Grump rating shows you that how actively Google has updated in last days and likely what is the next time it will update that will affect your SERP. It has a grading system that grades Google activities in four levels i.e

  • Furious
  • Cautious
  • Grumpy
  • Chilled

Accuranker's Google Grump Rating

You should check this tool time to time o get updates about Google Penalty and current state of affairs.

7. MozCast 

MozCast is fairly like weather forecast update. It shows you the current mood of Google algorithms in the form of weather forecast- a daily report.

Moz Cast

If the forecast move towards the storms and warming up then there is an algorithm update. Furthermore if the sky is blue and clear it means your ranking are where they were before. This tool is not as much flexible as Accuranker but it is fairly good to use.


All of the above tools help you to identify the Google Penalty. So once you have a Google Penalty try to fix it as soon as possible and be careful for the next time.




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