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Google Penguin Update

What is Google Penguin Update All About?

Google penguin is a code name of the algorithm used by google to monitor violations of quality guidelines of google webmaster. The quality guidelines address to the basic quality principles and guidelines for web page management.

Google Penguin Update

The primary consideration is to discourage deceptive and / or manipulative management behavior aimed to target the search engine ranking and not the content quality and user need.

The google webmaster provides examples of malpractices to avoid the mitigating actions, these includes automatic or fake content generation, link schemes, cloaking, sneaky redirects, hidden texts / links, door way pages, scraped content, participating in affiliate program without adding sufficient value, Loading pages with irrelevant keywords, creating pages with malicious behaviors, abusing rich snippets and sending automated queries to google.

The penguin addresses to the link schemes, link schemes practice can be described as incorporating links in the page with intention to manipulate the page or site ranking in google search results. These include all links to and from the page / site. Few examples of such links are as follows;

  • Buying or selling links that pass the rank.
  • Excessive link exchanges
  • Keywords rich anchor text links based articles
  • Use of automated programs and services to create links to the page or site

The google has released seven (7) penguin updates during 2012 – 2016. The release of the penguin 4 (7th update) came with an announcement that it will be part of the core algorithm. It means that the updates / refreshes to the algorithm will be without any announcements and the ranking evaluations and execution will be in real time, i.e. whenever the search engine will crawl and re-index the results. Unlike, previous editions where the algorithm was run periodically and the webmasters had to wait till the roll out of the next update to get the penalty removed.

Additionally, prior to the release of penguin 4, the whole website was penalized instead of only the specific page with such links. The penguin 4, is affecting on URL basis only and not the whole website.

It Effects Only those SEO’s and websites who is not focusing on the quality content as well as as links build in it. For the rest its just a normal routine thing.So now on focus on quality content as well as the purity of the website other wise this penguin update will affect you badly. For safety precautions just focus on quality content, Avoid Harmful Links, Make a check on your Backlinks and clear all if any link is harmful and use social experts to spread the word that you exist.

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