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Google SOS Alerts

Google SOS Alerts- Updated feature for dealing with Crisis through Search and Maps

Google SOS Alerts

In 2014, Facebook come up with a new feature that is “Safety Check” through which users verify that they are safe from natural disaster and any other dreadful event in their area. Google has been working on it and more modified feature. People can get help by notifying if they are facing any crisis. So, they named it “Google SOS Alerts” and rolled it out for the world.

  • Many agencies were involved in this updated Google SOS Alerts feature:
  • Red Cross.
  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency.
  • Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration and
  • The Philippine Atmospheric.
  • Many others to source this information.

If any disaster occurs in specific area and you search it. You will able to see many cards with updates from governments, areas which are effected and phone number for further details and information. Push notification is also a feature through you will receive if you’re near the effected station.

Moreover, Google SOS Alerts through Google map also show red light SOS icon for the areas which are effected. If you will tap on the map it will display website for related information, and google search link will appear. Real time situation will display updates i.e (road closures, other transit and routes updates).

This updated feature is available on

  • Desktop
  • Mobile web
  • Google apps for Android
  • iOS
  • Google Maps for mobile

Google SOS Alerts  joins Google’s existing portfolio of services for responding to crises, including Google Person Finder, Google Crisis Map and Google Public Alerts.

to conclude this is an amazing update that can help people in the crisis and any dread full event.

This amazing update provide you the real time updates of incidents happening all over the world. By this its really very easy for the news channels and news seekers to cover the news about incidents.

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