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You are starting a business and looking for some growth hacks for startups? This article will cover all you have been waiting for. First of all you must know about the following two points before knowing about the organic market share hacks. The three SEM (Search Engine Marketing) growth hacks are:

  1. Growth From Brand Protection
  2.  Gain Paid Search Growth Using Competitive Data
  3. Optimize Organic Market Share
  • Growth From Brand Protection

At present one of the most serious problem in the Search Engine Marketing is the bidding competitors on the high-valued keywords and the market affiliates. Consequently this results in higher CPCs (cost per click), lower clicks and lower click through rate (CTR). So when your competitors run ads on your branded keyword terms, it costs you 10 percent of loss in market.

Probably problem can minimize, if you reduce competitors on branded keywords. Here are some of the hacks for growth from brand protection:

  1. Enhance the list of branded keywords
  2. Join a team with partners
  3. Expel your competitors with Search engine complaints
  4. Piggy back on others’ brands
  • Gain Paid Search Growth Using Competitive Data

Furthermore the next point in the SEM growth by using competitive data to grow your paid search results. The steps for this purpose are as following:

  1. Identify the top keywords: To use the competitive data competitively, you have to identify the keywords subset. Choose your best performers for this purpose to win on the keywords. In addition you should use two types of words i.e Profitable words and Strategic Importance words.
  2. Monitor keywords using monitoring tool: Gather competitive data on the keywords that can be pulled together by search words. So for this purpose you need ad-monitoring tool. Ad-monitoring tools help you to know how many times your competitor appeared on your keyword and advertised it in market.
  3. Look At Quantitative Results: If you want to win against your competitors you have to compare your quantitative results with their result. Furthermore it tells you that whether you are more visible on the keywords or your competitor.
  • Optimizing Organic Market Share

Furthermore let us now focus on the Organic growth hacks for startups. Monitoring keywords is the most important aspect for you to gain more in the market. The Search Monitor monitors millions of organic listings at national and international level. So the five market share growth hacks as per Search Monitor are:

       1.Improve Page Share

Page sharing means out of the total lists how many times your URL is indexed in the list. For instance, if your URL is indexed five times in the top 10, then your page share is 50 percent. If you want to improve your page share you should keep these steps in mind:

  • Evaluate your own page share.
  • Measure the competitors’s page share by monitoring their number of organic listings on your keyword.
  • Identify your competitors list of keywords where thy have more page share. clicks and insights.

These steps enable you with the most important keywords that you must give priority in contrast to others. Hence after prioritizing keywords take out the keywords with the highest impression volume. Your SEO best practices will help you to improve rank and number of listings in this respect.

       2. Optimize For SERP Sections

The organic SERP has different sections based on the keywords searches. If you want to optimize for a section that is below the fold of keyword search and your goal is to appear at the top. So in this case your goal is achievable. You should optimize for the sections that are relevant for your business and rank. Some of the important organic sections are organic listings, images, videos, hotels, books etc.

First of all, identify the page layouts for your keywords. Secondly, have a review of your rank and position in the sections. Consequently you will get a list of important keywords that you can share with your SEO team to get above your competitors.

       3. Organic Reputation

It focuses on the most important aspect of organic listing i.e reviews and ratings. It shows you the star rating of the brand out of five and number of people reviewing it on the map. Compare your ratings and reviews with your competitor.

Ratings & Review Hack, 2017 growth hacksThe reviews and ratings can be improved by satisfying your consumers. If you have a brand with multiple locations consider prioritizing your location as it will increase your reviews even if you have less ratings.

       4.Indexed Content

To increase your organic listings look for the content that is boosting your competitor rank. Here is all you need for this:

  • Indexed content lists by Google
  • Prioritized keywords where content has rank
  • Calculate impressions for each content

By reviewing your competitors content impressions you can see what you want for yourself to improve in market. Furthermore here are some of the points to consider if you want to improve your listings:

  • Headlines and descriptions found in the listings by the engines
  • Summarize messages and offers your competitors use

       5. Local

Location of the searcher is important for the organic market share. Simply prioritize your list of geographies, rank and market for each location as compared to your competitors. The most important locations to your business will help you gain more organic market share. In addition just add the locations on the web pages where your competitors are weak.


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