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Hidden Calories: Food You Think Is Healthy

In today’s world, staying healthy has become such a difficult task with almost every food item being processed and available in the supermarkets. Most of us, when seeking healthy food rely heavily on words such as sugar-free and fat-free.

Do we really know what these terms really mean or what goes inside our bodies on daily basis? Well, the answer is no. We don’t. Most of us assume that these labels are the best options for us which is not really our fault.

There is a lot of misleading information out there regarding healthy food. The advertisements are mainly responsible for false claims and nutritionist values. Social media is heavily used to mislead people to generate heavy amounts of profit.

So next time you see a friend going organic, you should support them fully and also try to change your lifestyle. In this article, we will point out few food items that you think are healthy but in reality, they are not, such as:

Prepared Salads


Don’t be fooled. Just because this delicious plate of yumminess is called salad doesn’t mean it doesn’t have those extra calories. I mean just look at it? The subway salad usually comprises of processed chicken, meat, turkey or tuna which is super unhealthy. Also, all those salad dressings come with a lot of calories.



Are you one of those people who eat microwave popcorns and probably think it is a better option than ordering a pizza? Well, think again. There are numerous ingredients in microwave popcorn that are super unhealthy.

You must choose to have air-pooped or stove pooped popcorn as an alternative so you can control the amount of salt, butter, and oil.



Who would have thought juice could be unhealthy for you? Juice is actually the worst drink you can indulge in. A nutritional fact about juice is that it is 100% sugar which as soon as it reaches your body, shots insulin levels.

Try to eat a whole fruit if you’re craving for a tangy fruit and not the just the juice. The whole of a fruit comprises of fiber which balances out the sugar intake.



You might have never imagined about sushi being an unhealthy option. After all, how can raw fish be bad for you? But do you notice the other specialties that served along with sushi such as the California rolls etc?

Well, these gorgeous rolls are filled with a good amount of cheese and rice. Sometimes with crab and shrimp. A total of 500 calories or more.

Flavoured Yogurt/ Frozen Yogurt 


Would you pick this up for breakfast? Most of us will. Not the best option but if you’re going for a yogurt, make sure you choose naturally flavored yogurt because there is a 100% chance that there is no fruit present in the little box and also that it is loaded with a lot of sugar.

If you’re at the mall and find yourself at the frozen yogurt bar then do not indulge in the toppings. You’re probably adding more sugar to your cup.

Isn’t it strange how there is sugar everywhere in your day? Well, now you know what to do. Choose better options.

Learn about it, fix it!

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