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HITT Workout

HITT Workout: The Dark Side

Today’s lifestyle is fast and steady. To meet the required pace, we look for things we can do within the short span of time. Let us take workout as an example. Nobody really has enough time to spend hours in the gym and burn off calories from all the junk food they eat all day long.

The newest form of workout that saves time and sheds a lot of sweat is HIIT. You must be wondering what HITT is?

Well. HIIT workout (High-intensity interval training) is the newest form of exercise we rely on. The workout involves alternatives between very intense anaerobic periods and shorter and slower recovery periods which allows you to shed more weight in less time.

For instance: 

Adding the HITT workout to your health regime is an efficient way of getting healthier and leaner quickly. The workout has changed many lives and has banked extra time into your life so instead of spending hours at the gym, you could instead do other things after a 30-minute workout or less.

While it is a great option for individuals in shape, people who are obese are less likely to continue it. Many individuals who are obese and have started adding HITT workout regime have experienced unpleasant results such as skipping workouts later or developing a knee ache. If workouts are considered as tasks then it is less likely that people will not do it daily. Hence, it makes the HIIT workout unsustainable.

The study author Panteleimon Ekkekakis, Ph.D., says in a press release that,“The message of ‘squeezing it in’ perpetuates the idea that exercise is a chore. We want to break down the association of exercise as punishment, as something unpleasant, something to tolerate or a bitter pill you have to swallow.” He further adds,“For example, instead of viewing a bike ride as exercise, we want people to think of it as a chance to enjoy the outdoors or to spend time with family.”

So if you are someone who is still learning to love exercising then you must indulge into whatever you love and not some tiring 30 minutes workout. To stay fit for longer, choosing exercises that you can keep up with and also that work best with your body type can result in better results.

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