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how to create a brand

How to create a brand- Successful Brand Building Startegies

How to create a Brand:

Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind. – Branding pioneer Walter Landor. So today i ll talk about How to create a Brand??  One of the main reason people get your product due to brand name and good reputation in a market. Due to these two reasons people trust your product. If trustworthiness established, people will easily engage in to your offerings and avail it.

Thus, as an entrepreneur creating a successful Brand name must have on priority. So, for making brand there should be strategies that need to be followed and marketing platform that should be used.

Social media plays a very important role in creating a brand image. It is best platform for startup businesses to target their audiences. It is an amazing platform where customers share opinions about the products and interact with the product owner or marketers.

It is stated from research that about 80% of the customers talk about the brands and follows brand on social network

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So, when we talk about “How to create brand”, There are many factors comes then a brand developed. Let’s have a look on all these:

Brand value not only related to only money , but a strong brand name leads to  business benefits  from:

  • Product awareness
  • Business Reputation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Credibility

Through brand name you can deliver these to your customers and  attract that mindful consumer who wants to buy from a brand high in value.

How to Create a Brand on Social Media?

Now you share one thing how do you feel when you find different details about the business on different network- Answer is very justified, you get confuse and will not be willing to interact or engage with this business.

People love consistency and would like to go with you if you have mentioned same description on all platform regardless of the social platform.

However , 60% of US millennials want consistent experiences to consumers , when dealing with brands online, in-store or by phone.

Professional profile picture:

Professional profile picture is just a start to how to create a brand?, you have to make and promote a consistent image of your brand’s power, colors, images and the whole outlook.

Casual, funny and personal images or conversational images all can easily work on social network, but with all these media strategy you should keep it formal and professional. Stay focus on your brand value and stay real in your communication across all social media.


Once you would be able to make your voice your audience will attract to you , your conversation will be in flow in your network than your audience will wait for your updates.

Communication style:

Voice and Tone guide has set some standards how they communicate on social media with their customers,

  1. I am grateful for you
  2. I have great respect for you.
  3. I am listening.
  4. I am open.
  5. I am here.

If you are individual and running your own brand name , its important you need to be consistent and make your description same at all place. Following are four simple and amazing steps of guidance for your brand.


Improve your brand to strengthen your relationship with your targeted audience

Now question is how to create a brand strong bond with your customers, for that get interesting things from third party and engage your audience to it. If you will be successful in engagement your product sales boost automatically. This is major strategy how people do social media marketing.

Now think about the strategies that would keep in mind while marketing on social media

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  • Make it feasible for audience to share their story.
  • Power the socializing in social media.
  • Make it about the customer, not about the product.
  • Get feedback from every opportunity.
  • Entertain your followers 

From all these we find out if you want to be interactive with your audience you need to open up and show the real and actual side of the business.

However, One of the major factor that most brand used to reply their followers/customers to engage them. If you would not reply to them it means that you are not giving importance to your followers time and comments.

The distinct thing is brand value once you will be able to make a brand value than remain consistent to all channels. Apply all suitable marketing strategies for your product after making good image of brand. Its everyone responsibility in an organization to make a strong brand but marketers has to promote that brand to audiences.

Hope so now you know How to create a brand and advertise it in a right way.

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