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Increase traffic on Blog for free

Ways to Increase traffic on Blog for free- Best followed strategies

How to increase website traffic:

Everyone want to increase website traffic .We have idea that Blogging is valuable for any content generation that’s why you already running a blog. So, the thing that gained importance is how can you improve your website traffic on your blog with If your content is compromising  Best  SEO Practices and ultimately it will Increase traffic on Blog for free.

Beginning blogging provide best opportunity to any individual to start their own business and create money. For that reason many people start their blog and face a lot of problems like :

  • Less new traffic
  • No repeating Traffic
  • No comments from visitors
  • Low income or Revenue

Now the question arise which is best blog which make or engage traffic, firstly we should meet that credentials. How long blog content should be, Lengths of paragraphs,  To get to know about their details let’s have a Look on this How Ideal Blog seems like.

Content is really important for all blogging, In fact the most significant thing that matters is best and appropriate Content. To find out the creation of the best content , which features need to focus , You can find out Best content making strategies

Than it comes to next step- Let’s have a look on this diverse topic:

How to Increase traffic on Blog for free – Best followed strategies

Image result for How to Increase Traffic on Blog

If you want to create reliable and repeating webtraffic on your blog and have no clear idea what to do and from where to start. There are many strategies of improving traffic on Blog but these points are best for the new bloggers and the one who want to engage more traffic on their blogs.

  1. Create a Traffic Plan
  2. How to create Viral Content
  3. Green lists headlines
  4. Use Keyword domination technique
  5. Traffic generation through email marketing

Create Traffic Plan

Business Blog Traffic

When content is ready and along with best user experience the main thing that need to be execute is to drive traffic on blog and improve conversion rate through a best traffic plan. Let’s take example how this daily life example Increase traffic on Blog for free within days.

Amazon kindle store select 90 days’ traffic plan. It is stated that self-published books is so popular , 31% of e-book sales is going through Amazon Kindle Store.

Now for book publishing you don’t need to go publishing house and published your book. Anyone with an idea easily published their content. This change drive a lot of new traffic to their blog.

So kindle publishing is not main focus to discuss here- for details (Click here Copyblogger’s excellent guide ). This example will show how Amazon kindle direct publishing targeted audience and engage thousands of users with in days.

  • When you publish your book on Amazon kindle direct publishing. You become part of their program.
  • So, people can reach your kindle book free for 90 days. Where people can borrow your book and you can promote your kindle book for 5 days out of 90 days.

kindle dashboard

  • Link your blog directly from your kindle book it will engage and Increase traffic on Blog for free. In search engine it showed like that as in picture. Users can directly approach blog and this is how link is entered in kindle book.

Author Link

  • Giveaway- when you use free giveaway it will attract readers. Steve Scott has made big list of subscribers by publishing more than thousands Books. His Strategy is when user buy his book, he give a free gift which appear with two links that direct land on his blog and this effective technique improve his traffic with in days.

Free Offer

How to create Viral Content

Viral content take immense importance in the blogging. Everybody want to make a viral content but won’t be able to make it blockbuster content Because they don’t pay much attention to the content that go viral. Viral content is a content that rapidly move to one web to another. One of the main strategy to make viral content is:

  1. Carefully Craft your content- With quality and find out how far this content will be shared.
  2. Make great headlines- 8 out of the 10 click on that headlines. This is not a new concept in fact the old one.
  3. Story Telling- To create a story always make attentive to audiences.
  4. Social Media marketing-Social media is incredible platform to make content viral.


Let’s take an example viral content of 2016

  1.  New Alzheimer’s Treatment
  2. OCD Radar Quiz
  3. 100 inspirational quotes
  4. First Born Child is Most Intelligent
  5. Donald Trump
  6. Healthy Snacks
  7. Intelligent People

These content amazed the crowd with a unique idea , Huge engagement level , story telling strategies and headlines of the current situations.

Just like Zimmerman did for Gawker, including an article that drew almost 11 million views in 7 months, you can make great content happen for your blog. Of course, it won’t happen overnight – but with consistency, you’ll see results. According to study it is find out that creating compelling content is major problem and their percentage have 46%.


From past research it is observed that content that possess following characteristics get viral:

  1. Envoke images.
  2. Positive messages.
  3. Content that are useful practically.
  4. Case study that describe about past viral content.
  5. Planned idea to make content viral.
  6. Scan viral content for ideas.
  7. Use attracting words like incredible, reveal , secret , broke , stunning and many others.

Content Marketing tools- Make content viral

Chron said that “Marketing is measurement” you have to connect with your audience either you are online or offline. For that purpose you need a viral marketing tool that save money and time.

Content marketing tool make your audiences double and automate your traffic in right directions.When it come to point of making content viral “automation Tools” always take immense important. These days everything is done by tools even keywords needs a tools So, There are tools help to make your content viral

  1. LinkTrackr
  2.  Tumblr
  3.  OpenLinkProfiler
  4.  TrendSpottr

we all have a idea that power and rewards are concerned with viral content because of attracting potential customers. You may not succeed first time but all these mentioned feature you will able to attract potential customer.You must keep in mind the science behind make content viral like positivism and practically useful for daily life.

Green lists headlines

Evergreen posts are another followed strategy for increasing traffic of the blog. According to Moz Case study it is proven that evergreen post create “successful and continued post”which result in to regular traffic. Evergreen posts always produce traffic even after years of the publications.

60 Second Marketer sums up the dos and don’ts of creating evergreen content in this slide:

evergreen content

Now question arise how can be find out that this post have potential to be evergreen. There are two ways :

Firstly, your focus keyword/topic/subject on which you are going to make your content must be in one magazines.

Now go on and type primary keywords for the search for example if you type “Content Marketing” and will find many marketing magazines.


Now find out all posts that are evergreen on social media for example

These are authentic example and this content compromise following characteristics :

  • If content is published than make their fresh headlines after a time- which keep them evergreen.
  • Original post and updated post.
  • Don’t copy some one else headlines about the content. Updated it with your unique one.
  • Go in to google and search your updated headlines , if no result found it means you have unique headlines.
  • You always must have ideas to make new and updated evergreen list for that brainstorm the ideas , listen about new things , research and than promote that content.

Use keyword domination technique- Long tail keywords

First and foremost, thing in search of keywords are spread sheet. URL add in column and key phrase add in the column that associate with first one.

Now use keywords that are not general and people didn’t take interest in generic words like if you enter “Furniture” – It is popular word but too generic. But people may not be willing to buy it. Instead of if you entered “Antique Love seat”, chances are people will search it and more likely to buy that product.

long tail keywords cost less per click

Now let’s get an idea how to select a keywords for a content:

There are three steps to get dominate on Google’s top 10 with long-tail keywords.

  • Use Google Auto-suggest
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • and Write

Proper keywords help you to attract potential traffic as mentioned in example too.

Traffic generation through email marketing

Image result for increase blog traffic through email marketing

Email marketing comprise different marketing strategies and business plan. Through email you advertise your product and services with best possible chances. It helps you to make profit and achieve your product goals. One Email blast can Increase traffic on Blog for free and your website hits with in 24 hours. For effective strategies, must emphasize on:

  • Targeted customers to whom email need to send?
  • Customers benefits and preferences which they are looking for
  • Effective email marketing messages that will be useful for customers and company profit as well

Email marketing channel is an important thing to achieving all possible success .For measuring success you can take look on conversion rates, click through rates engagement of traffic on platform through email.

  • You can reach on a lot of people at once.
  • It’s very simple channel to start and send email to targeted audiences.
  • Scale is easy to implemented you send email to one person or 100,000 messages is equal effort.
  • Risk is quite less in email marketing and cost is comparatively low on this strategy.
  • Send news letters to targeted audience it will Increase traffic on Blog for free and make huge amount of click through rates.
  • Email subscribers is #1 source of qualified traffic for relevant offers.

Here are characteristics of Elite Email marketing that you need to make and targeted the audience through your blog:

  1. You need to create your goal of email
  2. Create a best landing page to get more website hits .
  3. Guest blog on targeted, A-list blogs only.
  4. Use Facebook precise targeting.


we all know that power and rewards are concerned with that content because of attracting potential customers. You may not succeed first time but all these mentioned feature you will able to Increase traffic on Blog for free.You must keep in mind the science behind make content that attract more traffic is positive , interesting and practically useful for the audiences.

Attracting 20 thousands audiences to your site isn’t something an impossible – it’s feasible and achievable by keeping in mind above strategies that are mentioned in detail.

Of course, you can get that kind of traffic without having any of your posts go viral if you have a mean of content marketing strategy. But, if you can achieve the kind of content that keeps people return back, because of the quality and how much you do your hard-work into creating it, it’s much easier and obvious to reach those goals that you have made.


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