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influencer marketing definition

Influencer Marketing: Effective Strategies And Careers


So what is influencer marketing definition? Starting with the influencer marketing definition; It is the process of marketing products and services to people who have a high control over the consumers. This type of influence is usually on the basis of popularity, reputation and expertise.

Any person, place or product can be an influence for example celebrities often endorse or market products and consumers get influence by them. Furthermore this happens because they have a  high profile and highly respected. The following picture is from The Coding Bull.

influencer marketing definition

Certainly the value of influence on consumers is not like concept of novel in marketing. So influencers are playing an important role in creating relevant customer conversations. They also play an important role in  bringing in trust for the brands and marketers.

Effective Strategies For Influencer Marketing

So after knowing the definition you must have  interest in knowing the basic strategies in influencer marketing. So for you here are some of them:

  • Identify Your Audience: You have to know about your target audience and the most influential profiles according to geography, category and demographic data. Furthermore know about what impacts the people more in buying your product and services.
  • Look for Right Influencers: Look for the people who create and promote content that is good for your business.
  • Monitor Influencers For Opportunities: Furthermore you will have to discover what is happening in real time. See for what your target influencers are writing, talking and what are their target audience.
  • Take Action And Engage: Take simple actions to build a relationship with influencers like following, sharing and linking.
  • Measure Your Results: Now when you have built a relationship with influencers and audiences you have to keep a track of effectiveness.

influencer marketing definition

The picture above is from Traackr.

Careers In Influencer Marketing

So after all of the above here are some of the careers you can have in Influencers Marketing:

  • Social Media Marketing Manager:

 Social Media marketing managers manages all the social media sites like Facebook, twitter, you tube. They market the company’s product and services. Moreover they connect with customers, push advertising and create brand image. In large companies there is a big team of marketers for marketing on social media. The average salary of the Social Media Marketing Manager is about $50,000 to $70,000.

For Social Media Manager you must have a bachelors degree in marketing. You must have an extensive personal experience in social media to be successful in this field. Furthermore they have to maintain LinkedIn profile, update blogs, upload videos to keep themselves updated.

  • Brand Manager

Furthermore brand managers direct and supervise all of the advertising towards a single brand. They create a certain brand image. Moreover it is their job to reinforce that image in customers mind and to make them aware of new offerings. Influencer marketing is involved in branding. This is because influencers image is transferred to the audiences.

As an entry level brand manager you can earn up to $35,000 to $65,000. All brand managers require a degree in marketing and business administration. You can reach this senior position after years of experience.

  • Interactive Designer:

So interactive designers work is to create interfaces. These are used on mobile apps, sites and computer programs. Whenever a customer interacts experience is guided by interactive marketing.

An interactive designer can earn up to $40,000 to $60,000. It is not important for interactive designer to have marketing degree. He/She can also have degree in programming and computer science. It is important for them to know how to present messages in most direct way.




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