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IPhone 8 Design leaked

Iphone 8 Design Leaked : Iphone 8 Specs,Design & Expected Price – Axelblog

IPhone 8 Design leaked:

Apple Inc. Keeps their upcoming projects confidential to the outer world although the Apple Analyst may have leaked some classified Intel about the upcoming Apple products in the IPhone Series. Renowned Apple Developers in the I.T Industry such as Guilherme Rambo and Steve Troughton Smith have shared their thoughts about the features and design of the IPhones. Yes IPhones! Apple is expected to launch three new IPhones in Fall 2017 (Precise rumours are September) but the official date is yet to be announced to the public. The Products are supposedly called IPhone 7S, IPhone 7S Plus and the most anticipated one is IPhone 8 (IPhone X, IPhone Pro or  IPhone Edition) or whatever Apple Labels it afterwards. Some rumors suggest that the other two products are expected to have the similar look as the earlier IPhone with Some internal upgrades in functionalities but the new sensation is said to revolutionize the mobile industry. Tim Cook himself said that: Don’t expect much from the iPhone 7 because iPhone 8 will create a real revolution and they are already planning and building it to revolutionize the future of smartphones. So let’s see the rumours about the iphone 8 design leaked are true or Apple has planned something else for us on its 10th anniversary.


IPhone 8 new Features and Specifications ( Best to Rest)



Super OLED Display:

The Hotshot is set to break the chain of Apple Inc. and Capacitive LCDs. Rumours suggest IPhone 8 to have 5.5-6 Inch Super OLED Display. Apple Inc. has only used this technology before in Apple Watch. Samsung has already agreed to sign a deal with Apple Inc. to produce OLED displays for Apple Products that is to be released in 2017. The OLED displays eradicate the need of backlighting used in LCDs. This will substantially mow down the weight and density of the device. OLED is flexible to heck and is used in Samsung Edge series. While some reports claimed the display to be curved likes Samsung S7 edge but recent news suggests the OLED design to be flat for their special model which is corresponding to current 2.5D glass design as stated by IHS Markit analyst Wayne Lam.

Edge-to-Edge Display:

Moreover, the impending device is said to have an EDGE-TO-EDGE display to increase the aesthetics and the visuals of the IPhone 8. Some rumours suggest that the design will be analogous to LG G6 with higher aspect ratio to utilize the coverage area of the display panel; this will probably set a new trend with slim bezels. The longer OLED and narrow bezels are also embedded in Samsung S8.

iphone 8 plus, apple iphone 8 images
IPhone 8 Display Screen Concept by idrop news

Say Bye to Home Button:

If you are a fan of touch buttons and sleek displays without infuriating and intruding buttons then this might be the next best thing or you. IPhone 8 may get rid of the out-dated home button. The new IPhone 8 is expected to be button-free (only home button) to make it shady. As discussed above, the Edge-to-Edge design will occupy the home button space and adjust it on the home screen of the display screen. The main two functions of the button were the Finger-Print Sensor and back to Menu function. They are expected to be undertaken by the On-Screen Touch ID. ApplePay and Phone lock will be using Touch-ID to operate. It is also heard that Apple are thinking to reposition the Home Button instead of completely taking it off the globe. It might be placed somewhere in the middle on the back of the IPhone (Inspired by LG G Series). These are just rumours floating around so we have to wait to find the truth as Apple has not declared any update about the new release.

Facial Recognition System:

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is intended to exclude the Touch-ID utterly in IPhone 8 and substitute it with an entirely innovative Security System that will operate on facial Recognition. New 3D sensors have been rumoured to integrate in IPhone 8 which can read the depth of a face. This means no one photograph-hack (opening lock using user’s picture). This feature will let users unlock their IPhones and assist in ApplePay instead of Fingerprint sensor. This enhanced 3D sensing facial recognition system is powerful enough to unlock the IPhone in milliseconds. This recognition system is strong enough that it is able to operate even if the IPhone is placed on a table; this means that it functional from multiple angles. The amount of data points it captures is more than that of fingerprint sensor, consequently making it steadfast. The new infrared sensors that can operate in low light are quite a visionary step towards the future.

An accidental firm leak, justifies the rumours about the iPhone 8 design leaked that a facial recognition system is under-development by the Apple Inc. The FaceDetect technique in BiometricKit Framework approve the rumours that apple will somewhat or completely be relying on Facial Recognition System. For this, IPhone must have a high pixel density secondary camera and other advanced sensors.


12-16 MP Primary camera is expected to lighten up the users with video recording up to 2160p@30fps. The IPhone 8 design for camera arrangement will be believed to change. The Dual Camera and Quad-LED flash is set to have a vertical arrangement rather than the horizontal arrangement at the same region.

The Front Facing camera will supposedly be 7 MP with 1080p@30fps video recording to relish.

The other features remain the same such as HDR, panorama, face/smile detection, touch focus.

new iphone 8, iphone 8 plus
IPhone 8 Back by apple.insidercdn


Battery and Wireless Charging:

IPhone 8 design leaked reports from Fast Company says the new model will have a “far bigger battery”. The longer battery would have to power feature like a OLED or bio-metric scanning system that are buzzes here and there though, thus the longer battery cannot stay that long. It is said to be a non-removable Li-Ion battery between 2700-3000 mAh. Although a more energy efficient OLED Display can consequently increase battery life.

Apple Inc. is expected to introduce wireless charging for the first time with IPhone 8. The most awaited model in the IPhone Family will use an inductive style wireless charging system which was accidentally confirmed by Apple Supplier Winstron. Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium in February filing hundreds of patents for inductive charging.

IPhone 8 design leaked rumours also include a WPC-based Qi Wireless charging solution which will be enabled through an accessory available along the new IPhone. Irrespective of the method adopted, KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo    have faith in Apple to have wireless charging by next year, this include all three models that are releasing at the end of the year. Approved by Susquehanna Analyst Christopher Rolland.


IPhone 8 design leaked rumours are the hot news for the tech-enthusiasts. Though there is a lot of diversity in buzzes going around. Some Reports suggests that IPhone is bringing back the classics with a glass body model, as Catcher Technology has claimed. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says if there is any use of glass than it will be around stainless steel or the aluminium framework. There is some speculation about the aluminium body as well so nothing can be said for sure.

Summing up all the speculations, we think that IPhone will launch Glass model for the Superior version (IPhone 8) with OLED Display and bezel-less screen and all. The other two models with be assembled with aluminium bodies.

iphone 8 design leaked black, iphone 8 design leaked photos
IPhone 7S (left), IPhone 8(Centre) and IPhone 7S Plus (right) by

Internal Features:

Operating System:

IPhone 8 will be introducing a new iOS with the publication of new models. The expected iOS 12 will be launched on this jubilant moment.


Speed and Efficiency are the words that will describe IPhone 8. IPhone will be embedding a Quad-core 2.34 GHz (2x Hurricane + 2x Zephyr) processors to keep up the pace.

TSMC has developed the 10 nanometre A11 chip as for now. The chances are that we will be seeing these chips in the next IPhone issue (IPhone 7S and others). TSMC has been working on A12 chipset for quite a while now and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2018. A12 chip is smaller and more customized to suit the long-range Wireless Charging Method. However, Apple Inc. has been having some difficulties in making the chip efficient and powerful because long distance can slow down the charging process. So we are not sure if A12 will be introduced in IPhone 8 or we just have to work with A11.


IPhone 8 is stepping up to the plate as the next big thing will supposedly have 4 GB RAM. The already super-efficient phone in the market will never miss anything out on its Tech Rival Samsung to stay competitive. the rumours of the new iphone 8 design leaked also involves the enhancement of the Internal Memory up to 512GB to make room for more.

Release Date and Price:

So IPhone 8 release date 2017, Apple is set to launch the model in 4th quarter of 2017 but it might not hit the shelves until early 2018 so patience will be virtue. A lot of Apple Lovers already put it on their wish-list. It will be available to order online from official website of Apple Inc.

As for IPhone 8 price, a lot of up gradations in software as well as hardware are taking place for the new IPhone so the price will hit the four figures most probably. It will be ranging between 999$ – 1399$ because of the internal memory storage explosion.

Naming Contradictions:

While there are a lot of expectations and speculations about the new models, the labels to the IPhone models are still unknown. Apple Inc. has not made any Official statement regarding the naming convention of the new proclamation. Some say that there are two of them that are IPhone 8 and IPhone 8 PLUS and some guess IPhone 7S and IPhone 7S PLUS with the Premium model IPhone 8, our vote is for the latter and that is the word in the air currently.


However, all this information about the “iphone 8 design leaked” is based on rumours and statements by the analyst so don’t expect Apple to approve or deny any of this, Apple is well-known for not talking about their products before officially announcing it. What we present here is a mere piece of assumption that was made on the basis of numerous facts and figures. For now, let’s just keep calm and eagerly wait for Apple to unveil their big invention.

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