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knysnaoyster festival


Knysna Oyster Festival

So oyster enthusiasts and food lovers are you ready for the biggest festival of Knysna? Knysnaoyster festival is an annual event taking place from 7th July to 16th July. KnysnaOyster Festival entertains you with variety of events like music evenings, comedy evenings, bike races, marathons etc. Consequently these all happenings make  this festival an interesting. It is a fabulous event for sports lovers, food lovers and fun lovers.

knysnaoyster festival

For those who are searching for the best 10 days of summer KNYSNAOyster Festival is all they are looking for. Furthermore here is a list of events taking place at Knysna this year:


Knysna’s most important event is Half Marathon and Momentum Knysna Forest Marathon. Moreover the Marathons are taking place on 8th July and 9th July. These two events are of great importance for the sports enthusiasts, so this year also its quite the same.

knysnaoyster festival
Forest Half Marathon – knysna oyster festival

Furthermore this year the BIG 5 challenge is replace with the MTB X race. This will make the spectators stand on the edge of their seats as the amateur and athletes fight over the 5 courses.

knysnaoyster festival
Cycling Race at knysna oyster festival

Europcar Knysna Classic is a golf tournament specially designed for the golf lovers. You can book your four-ball spot now. Moreover for the people who have less interest in athletic they can enjoy Oyster Rapid Chess Tournament and Motorsport Oyster GymKhana.

Food Offerings

The most of Knysna Festival is Sea Food Wednesday where top rate restaurants display their best sea food dishes. Moreover as soon as the sun start to sink the Pick N Pay Sassi Fish Braai, Oyster Shucking and eating competitions take place.

knysnaoyster festival

So for all the food lovers be come hungry and enjoy a variety of special dishes at Knysna Festival.

For The Kids

Moreover if your kid is active enough he/she can participate in BIG 5 junior challenge, Simola little Phantom Kids Adventure and Knysna children cycle tour.

knysnaoyster festival

The festival ground allows children to have a lot of fun with games and more fun activities. The fun fair is open all day for the children. Furthermore there is also Momentum Health Kiddies Area. This area is specially secure for the children to play. It offers  a large number of age appropriate activities to make kids happy and busy. Moreover the fun involves face painting, arts, crafts, jumping castles etc.

Tourists Attraction

Knysna is a beautiful city situated in the heart of Ground Route National Park. So you can explore this beautiful area by cycling and hiking across.

knysnaoyster festival

You can also explore Knysna Head with the expert sailors and swirling waters below you and Knysna Heads around you. Moreover if you want to get a different experience get down to Thesens Wharf and have a exploration of South Africa Navy ship.


So if you want to make your summers better you can explore  Knysna Festival in South Africa. Knysna Oyster Festival is a family oriented festival where people of all ages can enjoy. So you must try it once in life time.




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