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Leadpages vs clickfunnels



leadpages vs clickfunnels LeadPages vs ClickFunnels which is better? So before moving to it we will see why do we have a need for landing page? The answer to this question is simple. We need it to acquire a valuable user information in exchange for a discount.Furthermore we can also call it a simple give and take process. The picture appearing above is from You Tube.

Furthermore in this article i will draw a comparison between two popular landing pages generators LeadingPages Vs ClickFunnels. So let us first know of LeadPages.


It is a simple landing page building tool. Some of its important features are drag and drop. Moreover LeadPages combine with Email Service Providers. LeadPages along with ESP capture the leads for encouraging further leads. The picture below is from Localize Help Center.

leadpages vs clickfunnels

If you do not have any coding knowledge then LeadPages is a way for you. It takes less time and is simple to use. Whatever LeadPages do they do it in the best way possible.

Role Of Lead Pages In Business

LeadPages can do almost everything that you require in building landing pages. But the thing it lack is it does not function like email marketing software. Consequently it doesn’t play any role when comes to sending emails. How can LeadPages help you in your business?? Here are some of the points:

  • Hosting a Webinar: You can easily get a webinar template for your webinar presentation. Furthermore you can also add a chat box for communication.
  • Sending Content Updates: Just simply create a LeadBox on LeadPages and upload freebie. Consequently your emails will be sent automatically.
  • Creating a Landing Page is Easy: It allows you to create high converting landing easily.
  • Collect Email Subscribers Through Texts: Furthermore you can send word to any number. If they respond to your email then they are your subscribers.
  • Sales Template for Building Sales Landing Page: You have chances to customize according to your needs.

LeadPages Integration

LeadPages enable you to integrate in segments. It gives you a host of integration which helps you. Furthermore these integration are segmented as:

  • Analytic
  • CRM
  • eCommerce
  • Email Campaigns
  • Digital Advertising
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media
  • Webinar
  • Website 

LeadPages Pricing

Furthermore LeadPages gives monthly, annual and 2 years plan. The ‘Advanced’ plan is not for annual basis. Moreover if you want monthly plan then there are two plans for it:

  • Standard Plan for home business for $37
  • Pro Plan for small business for $49


The above picture is from Sprout 24.

For a 2 year subscription the plans are:

  • Standard for $17 per month
  • Pro for $42 per month
  • Advanced for $159 per month

So for now this was all about LeadPages. Let us see an over view of ClickFunnels.


Furthermore ClickFunnel is another amazing landing page creator. It is easy and offers a lot more template for building. Moreover it is content rich and allows every user to know what exactly it is. You can also create a sales funnel on ClickFunnels. You may think that LeadPages also has the same features but it offers you a lot more than LeadPages.

In addition it allows you to make and manage your sales funnel. So as a result the landing pages you create are not just it, they are also sales funnel. You can also have a billing funnel which I think is the best offer it can have.


Moreover it gives you a detail guide of how you can use it by images, videos, GIF etc. The 4 main steps are:

  • Choose a Sales Funnel

leadpages vs clickfunnels

  • Drag and Drop Your Message
  • Setup Actions of Funnel
  • Launch The Funnel 

The picture above is from Sprout 24.


It allows the integration of MailChimp, Aweber, drip, Constant Contact etc. Furthermore you can also add shopping cart software like Strip, Clickbank, JVZoo etc. The picture below is from Nicholas Fradet.

leadpages vs clickfunnels


If you are new to ClckFunnels then there is 14 day trial by CTA. Furthermore here are the pricing details for the basic plan of $97 per month:

  • 20 funnels
  • 100 pages
  • 20,000 visitors
  • Integration with CRM and email autoresponders.

Moreover the value pack is for $297 per month. The picture below shows pricing details and is from Sprout 24.

leadpages vs clickfunnels


So after the overview of both landing page creators it is quite clear that Clickfunnels is the best. So the winner in LeadPages Vs ClickFunnels is ClickFunnels. Leadpages only focus on building landing pages. Whereas ClickFunnels go far beyond than just building it. Furthermore we can also say ClickFunnels are advanced version of Leadpages.

In LeadPages Vs ClickFunnel we also see that clickfunnels offer 14 day trial before you start. Probably you can see that ClickFunnel is costly as compare to LeadPages but it offers a variety of advance features. The features that you cannot find in Leadpages.

Furthermore clickfunnels has a great dashboard with flat icons. In editing Leadpages is far behind whereas clickfunnels has a powerful editor with a variety of offers.

Clickfunnels allows you to have quick capture and nurture leads, whereas Leadpages only offer you to capture leads. Furhermore both of the tools have affiliate program. Leadpages offer 30% commission rate whereas Clickfunnels provide 40% commission.

Managing ten tools at ClickFunnels is not a headache anymore. Moreover ClickFunnels is beyond LeadPages with the payment integration.


Leadpages vs Clickfunnels: It totally depends on your requirement what type of landing page you want. If you want to capture leads only then LeadPages is the best. But if you want more than just capturing then go for ClickFunnels only.



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