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Meta Html – How Meta Tags, Meta Description, Meta Titles effect Search Engine Optimization

What is Meta HTML ?

Meta data is information related website and Meta HTML tags is information related to HTML document,that’s about description , keywords and many others. which doesn’t show on the page but its on back-end HTML document

Let’s spot light on what are meta tags, how can you take advantages from it, which mistakes need to avoid when you are implementing meta tags.

Meta Tags

Meta tags clearly describes about the web content. It do not appear in content itself but it is part of page’s code in HTML document. it usually on the “head” of the pages, when user enter search queries it appears on first page and user can find out what are further detail in page’s content. It evidently explains the context so that user able to understand.

Title Meta Tag

In site optimization, title meta tag is a quite important HTML feature. Title contain information that is important for search engine. When user put a query for search, search engine show a content of title tag’s in their listings.

  • Title come as a clickable blue feature on the search page.
  • Title meta tag need to precise and unique, describe page content clearly. It should be user driven to increase click through rates.
  • There is no specific character limit but it should be of 60 characters, increase title visibility on search pages.
  • User experience is important while making a title tag try to make positive impression through title, it will attract new visitors.
  • Title tags are important for three places – Social networks, search engine result pages (SERPs) and web browsers.So, title need to be exceptional and clear because it would be make or break factor for your website.
  • Tile should compromise important keywords but not repeated. Repeated keywords can cause problem for SEO, google can also rewrite it by their own stuff.

Description meta tag:

Meta description is HTML entity which concisely and precisely explain about the site information. It appears under the blue link of page Title. Meta description should not be exceeded 155 characters. As google announced that meta description is not real factor to increase rankling but description help site in different ways to increase their ranking in SERPs.

Important points are mentioned – let’s have a look on it

  • If you have written good description its more chances to people click on your site, because first information is necessary to be clear. More clicks improve your ranking in search engine.
  • You need to write good and unique description about your content because it’s appear when user enter query. If you have not written good meta description google rewrite it with its own description as shown in example.
  • Meta description is kind of advertising website. It attracts user from search engine to website you can make website prominent with “click through”.
  • Avoid duplicate meta tags and quotations in double commas. Google automatically cut off quotation mark, try to avoid it but if it is important to add quotation mark in description better in to make in HTML entity.

The Keywords Meta Tag

In early times of search engine “key words” were one of the critical is any word which users can enter in a query for search. Many search engines don’t give it importance but still its good idea to add keywords before submitting page. however it is not helpful for search engine ranking but still it has small effect to attracting users.There is a lot of software to find out keywords, you can get help from them like, word stream.

Most important points keeping in mind while selecting meta html keywords:

  • Keywords should be accurate according to your page content.
  • It need to clear mentioning the content idea for attracting users.

Meta HTML Tags-need to be avoid

As discussed before all good meta tag that will improve your ranking but there are also bad meta tags that will not affect your ranking but take enough extra space.

Author/web author: it is not necessary tag as it will get space.

Expiration/date: expiration denotes when pages have to expire and date tell about the when page is made. If any of your page should expire, eliminate them, however about date XML sitemap is more useful to keep updated.

Ratings: This tag tell about the maturity of the page. you can skip it easily

Resource type: it will about the type of resource. For example, “Document” you can easily skip this.

Distribution: it is used for who can access the page and it is globally open for all. So, no need of it.

Generator: This tell about how page is created, you can skip it is not necessary to mention in content.

Copyright: This tag is not really important because in footer already mentioned “Copyright 20xx”. so don’t make it twice

Abstract: This tag is used for the educational purposes, like published articles. so you can avoid it easily.

To conclude all this , meta tags information really help you for content marketing and for making SEO strategies for your website. It is also helpful for making new site and for users as well. To learn more about youtube seo and tags click here.

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