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Natural glowing skin

How To Make Homemade Bathing Lotion To Get Natural Glowing Skin

Natural Glowing Skin Formula:

Best tips for how to get healthy natural glowing skin. Bathing oils are used to soften the skin to improve exfoliation, skin hydration and enhance skin glow. Following are the major vitamin content of each ingredient;

  1. Coconut Oil :              Lauric Acid, Vitamin E
  2. Almond Oil :              Vitamin E
  3. Olive Oil :              Vitamin E, Vitamin K
  4. Wheat germ Oil : Vitamin B Complex

Following is organic bathing oil formula;

  1. Coconut Oil :              1 Cup
  2. Almond Oil :              1 Cup
  3. Olive Oil :              1 Cup
  4. Wheat germ Oil : Half Cup

Add all these oils in a glass container, shake well. Store it in cool, dry and dark place. Every time before bath, apply to the full body and take bath after at least one hour.

Tip:        Engage in any physical activity to sweat after bathing oil application, i.e. Sauna, Exercise, Sports etc.

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