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Physical Signs Of Stress

‘Just do it’, ‘Do it all’, ‘Finish it today’ are few things we tend to hear every single day. Everyone wishes to make ends meet and finish all their tasks on time but is it all worth it if, in the process, your health is being compromised? Occasional breaks are very important just like a cheat meal to get you going. Stress is a silent disease and it can kill you (quite literally).

Some people do not realize that they are stressed until it takes a toll on them and the symptoms can be identified physically. In such cases, one must take a few steps back from their responsibilities and take a day or two off so they can come back healthier and stronger. These signs serve as a  great reminder for you to just stop and think clearly about what you are risking.


What is important is that you invest in some ‘me time’ in your daily activities that will allow you to chill out even on a hectic day. All of us are different and so is our body. Hence, we must set a schedule according to what fits our lifestyle best. You must know exactly what you are looking for out there be it a job or activities to indulge in when you are free.

Signs of Stress

Many of physical changes while you are stressed include insomnia. Are you still not sleepy after a 12-hour shift? Something is not right. Imagine not sleeping and then getting out of bed for another 12-hour duty. That’d be a disaster. Seek medical help if insomnia continues for a while.


Since your body is going through stress, your immune system is not at its best game. Do you get sick a lot? Are you calling in sick more than a single time a month? That is alarming. You need to balance out your hectic days so your body does not collapse that often. This can be bad for your career too.


Getting headaches easily? (A stress headache, that dull, aching pain that feels like a band around your head, happens when you’re feeling high strung.) This is one of those signs that are not noticed earlier but later when you are reaching out for your headache pills often. Along with a headache comes muscle throbbing which is yet another sign that you are anxious and stresses and probably under pressure too.


You feel really thirsty even in air-conditioned rooms? Well, here’s little science for you. Anxiety causes your adrenal glands to pump out stress hormones into your body that leads to a fluctuation in other hormones including a reduction in compounds that can affect your electrolyte and fluid levels. You might be surprised to know that too less water intake or too much water intake is not healthy for your body.


Stress and anxiety cause foggy memory. Do you keep things in place and completely forgot about them? Notice if it happens often. This means you have a lot on your head and you can’t quite process all of it which is making you forget about little things you do.

It is best to balance out everything in life. For more news and updates, stay tuned!

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