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Plan Your Next Vacation To Dubai

It is best, the biggest, and the most expensive place for your next holiday. Dubai, the city big on bling in the perfect spot in the Middle East to spend some quality time with your family or have a mind-boggling weekend with your friends.

The big-city street with super-car traffic jam has a lot to offer. From food to shopping malls, everything in Dubai is grand. The city has quite a reputation and it certainly lives up to it.



The food scene here is pretty good. If you’re someone who wishes to indulge in fine dining then Dubai has a lot to offer from Gordon Ramsay to Jamie Oliver and many others such as Gary Rhodes, Marco Pierre White, Sanjeev Kapoor, and Nobu Matsuhisa. There are many resorts and out spots set across the city but all of them will be heavy on your pocket.

All thanks to a huge population of immigrants from Pakistan, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, Iran, and Jordan, there are many places where you can eat affordable and scrumptious food. You’ll find a lot of street food at Deira.

A misconception many foreigners have is that Dubai is a very conservative place to be. Well, that is not entirely true. If you follow their rules and regulations, the Sheikhs will not out you behind bars. You can drink all you want and wear whatever you feel like.


Dubai is a shoppers paradise. From high-end brands to not so expensive brands, the malls have everything. If you fancy expensive shoes and bags, Dubai Mall is where you should be. Other malls include Mall of Emirates, Ibn e battuta etc. City centers are quite inexpensive for shopping.



There are bazars in the city that you must visit such as the Gold Souq. Get ready for a culture shock because that is all that Dubai is about.


Belly dancing in the desert has to be on top of your list. It is an Arabian delight you do not want to miss, no matter what. If you’re someone who is running on a budget then you must look into deals that come along with your airline or your hotel. The city is very hot, the average high temperature in summers is around 40 degrees so make sure you do not plan your vacation in summers.

Dubai 2

Other than that, there are many parks in the city that you can visit. Global Village is the most famous park but due to high temperatures, it is usually closed for the summers.



There are many water activities that you can enjoy with family and friends.

Arguably, Dubai must be ranked as a paradise of the world’s must travel places.

Are you planning to your next vacation to Dubai? Let us now.

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