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PlexCoin – The next cryptocurrency

PlexCoin is another crypto-currency launched by anonymous group. It is the next decentralized crypto-currency that works on the ethereum structure. The purpose of the brains behind the PlexCoin is to extend the opportunities of uses and increasing the amount of users to by making it simpler to manage the crypto-currencies to maximum. For those who don’t have any idea about cryptocurrency, here is a brief overview.


Cryptocurrencies are private internet currency which is just like any other currency. The difference is that it has a lot less restrictions and third party involvement while dealing with it. There is no sole super-vising authority on cryptocurrencies. It is an open-source transfer

The concept was first introduced in 2009 by the founders of bitcoin who registered it under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. It was released as open source software. It took some time for the people to understand the worth of this idea. Later on, took an enormous turn in 2013 and never stopped growing afterwards.

There are no under-lying companies to cryptocurrency. Some say it is a commodity like gold and some say it is just like any other currency whose rate fluctuates with time. You can look up more on cryptocurrency here.

Plexcoin, scam or a real deal?

This is the question on everyone’s mind. We will conclude as we go through the particulars. Plexcoin will be ending their pre-sale registration to buy coins today i.e. 08-08-17 and will be starting the presale today right after the registration closes. There are four stages to buy plexcoin in the presale and the stages progress according to the eventuality of the sale e.g. first stage ends when 50 million plexcoins are sold. That means they need people to buy more and more to shift to the next stage. As per now, they are estimating their pre-sale to be sold out in 29 days or less. – Details on sale stages

Plexcoins are offering a jaw-dropping profit of 1354% to the customers within the first 29 days (That is 1354$ on investing 100$). And if they fail to do so, all the cash will be refunded to the buyers without any interest/tax. This sounds quite exciting to us.

Why choose PlexCoin:

Other than their enormous profit making offer? Plexcoin is claiming to be the next ethereum and to surpass the possibilities of every cryptocurrency offered till date. – a rough visual of what the user will be dealing with

Here are some of the benefits of choosing plexcoin over others.


Plexcoin gives you the opportunity to purchase and sell your plexcoin whenever you want with any other currency e.g. USD, EUR, BitCoin, and LiteCoin. There is no need to go to the market to convert it.


Plexcoin uses ethereum structure, which makes it impossible to steal, hack or fraud. Ethereum structure is said to be the safest structure designed to base a cryptocurrency.


During the presale, a person can refer other to purchase plexcoin on his/her behalf. In this case, the referrer and the referred person will be rewarded with a 5% bonus of whatever the referred person purchases. Up to 10% cash return will be offered on every purchase.


It is claimed to be faster (30 seconds) in transaction. Bitcoin has a transaction speed of 45 minutes which is still faster than any electronic/paper currency in the world.

Schedule calendar – Schedule calendar




Plexcoin is introducing the first crypto-bank. It will keep your cryptocurrency safe from outer market and invest your cash where you’ll get guaranteed returns.


Like Bitcoin Wallet, Plexcoin is introducing their own PlexWallet where users can store their plexcoins. Rest of the world can see the wallet id and transactions but cannot manipulate or hack into it hence making it secure and liable. User can safely transact coins using his/her smartphone, desktop or MAC computer. The plexwallet will be time and cost-efficient as well. – PlexWallet Phone application – PlexWallet Phone application


Plexcoin will be offering a plexcard which users can carry around with them anywhere and everywhere. Every Plexcard is linked to a user’s plexwallet. It will be used to transact money for making things simpler for inexperienced people. From buying clothes online to ordering an iPhone, everything will be done using the plexcard. They come with their perks. Upto 10% discount can be availed on purchases using plexcard. You can exchange currencies without worrying about the exchange rates as the plexcard will be providing its users with the best rates out there.

Plexcard offers – Plexcard offers

PlexCoin – Word on the street:

Despite all the pluses PlexCoin is awarding to its buyers. There is a surprisingly large number of public resisting to invest in the new cryptocurrency. Plexcoin reviews are not very heart affirming if you ask on any social media. That’s right; the people on social media are imprinting PlexCoin as a scam. We try to gather the possible causes below:

  • There is no other page than the the itself to testify the truth behind all the talks they have been talking. Nobody can rely on one source to approve and believe such thing.
  • The domain itself is a domainbyproxy which means the site is not transparent to people. did not revealed any owner names that rose trust issues among public.
  • No company offers more than a 1000% profit to a customer within its first month. Quite sceptical for a newly launching company.
  • They revealed the white paper four days before the pre-sale to prevent plagiarism according to them. Never have this problem occurred to people before?
  • They are promising to refund all the money if they do not cross the threshold. Moreover, “With PlexBank, one of the available feature will be to secure your cryptocurrency from market variation, which is highly volatile, and place your money on interesting guaranteed returns.”Very provocative but not acceptable. More like, too good to believe in!


With that being said, still there are almost 100k people on the waiting list of the official website to buy from the pre-sale. Is this really the future of currency? Is this the big bang theory of the currency world? Only time will tell.

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