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Sarahah- 85 million downloads

Sarahah- More Than 85 Million Users of This Honesty App

Sarahah is spreading like a fire on social media platform. This is application for Android and iPhone users that allow to receive messages to whom you share your signup account. Everybody curious about this app and instantly download and register itself. Due this curiosity, app has drawn almost 85 million people from different platforms. In some countries, it is appearing on top charts of play stores. One most surprising thing is this app downloads exceed more than Instagram and Snapchat downloads.

Sarahah is developed by an 29 years old Arabian Saudi programmer Zainalabdin Tawfiq

Sarahah means “honesty” and this tool is for anonymous feedback.

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Tawfiq stated that in a interview to France agency that :  “Sarahah is the digital equivalent of an old-school suggestion box,”  adding that it is built on the premise that stripping users of their identity promotes ruthless honesty.

“Feedback is the goal – anonymous feedback.”

This app is design in a positive way that simply prompt users “Leave a constructive message” .  After that receivers are  not allowed to reply back , to defend themselves receivers post their screenshots to social media and answers them. In a interview Tawfiq said that : he is seriously considering “reply mode” and in future it will be modified.

This app is quite enjoyable app, people from all social media platforms engaged in this app. It is very productive app for constructive feed back in a workplace and between friends. But beside its positive side,  there are also discussion on social media about its negative side like cyber bullying.

How Sarahah playing a role on social media and workplaces

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Let’s have a look how things are going on Sarahah:

This app is now a days immensely use by many companies for constructive feedback about their product from customers. Further Tawafiq is in negotiation with many entrepreneurs from United States, China and Arabian countries and monetized this app in a proper way. This could open many ways for entrepreneurs, as many companies are using it to getting ideas for positive changes in the societies and for startups.

But still there is negative side of this app in gender- segregated Arab and Asian societies, men are using it for secret love confessions. There were also discussion that many pre-teen age kids are also somehow suffering from this anonymous messages. Many parents asked by experts that they never allow their kids to download this app. But Tawafiq gave a very justified answer of this claim : these problems are common with all social media platforms like Facebook , Instagram and twitter.

It was also news that Sarahah has secretly collecting the address book and approaching personal contacts. Twafiq refused to that claim and said in next update he will remove this feature of address upload.

About cyber bullying Tawafiq stated that: “I believe that even one case (of abuse) is actually too many,” Tawfiq said. “I won’t tell you how, but my aim is to make the job of misusers as difficult as possible.”

Whenever some new app launch and become viral there are always vision for both sides. Some people used to say positive about it and some are supposed to be emphasize on other side. Still a very big round of applause for a young developer to keep game up in this fast paced competition era and able to make millions of downloads.

To register-> Download this app from play store-> Sign up -> and Enjoy messages for your personality development

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