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Seo 2017

SEO 2017- Tips and techniques to dominate on search results

SEO 2017 come up with a lot of new changes in the field of business marketers, about their products and services. Search engine optimization, web surfing help marketers to improve their rankings. SEO 2016 trends were effective and continue to improve in 2017. So, this is best time to define your business goals and find out best SEO tips and trends that will help to increase your SEO presence for the improvement of status, ranking and worth.

Through research it is find out in just USA about 32 million web searches have done in a month. SEO 2017 will gain immense importance as it help to increase your brand visibility, increase quality traffic, and improve business awareness. If you are making contents and graphics for your business customers about your business so it is necessary, it should be deliver to users.

Top SEO 2017 tips and techniques

Best Seo Tips 2017

These are best practices, let’s have a look on it:

Add Value in content

It’s very important to create relevant content for the audience which adds value. beside quality content it is also vital to know about targeted audience, at which level this content is valuable for audience: so here is some tips through you can make your content on top ranked in a search

  • Carefully observe your content and find out the popular topics
  • Get more and more knowledge about targeted audience
  • Timing and content is important; you need to come up on time and quality content
  • Expand your content as much as possible, it is much valuable for targeted audience
  • Optimization is of no importance if your content is not visible so work on it and add Keywords related to your content.
  • Regular monitor your visits, site status and level of engagement and then come up with new ideas for your audience

User Experience

Smooth visit for users is significant for SEO. 93% content get popular due to best user experience – to maintain the standard of user experience following points are important:

  • Detail examine website’s link and fix all links if its broken. It will reduce page found error and appearance of duplicating content.
  • Content’s visibility should be great in search engine and immensely appeal users.
  • Content font, pictures, readability should be in consideration to improve user experience.
  • Page loading speed is very important you need check time to time their content and pictures loading speed.
  • AMP get importance with time as google also prefer pages that use it, so its good time to start using pages with AMP.
  • File size is important you need check on it.Large file could be problematic for users.

Improve traffic through Social content

In recent times, social media become power due to information and content. In coming times content, will gain more importance coming from Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter. Almost 76% marketers boost the SEO and engaged customers through social media:

  • More social media content will be find out on google, yahoo and bingo
  • According to SEO strategies there will remain little difference between wen content and social media content.
  • Update your social media content to increase visibility.
  • If you search any famous brand, you will see Facebook pages, LinkedIn and Twitter profile will be on top

Importance of Videos

Video is very important channel to keep audience involved and entertained:

  • By uploading related video and engaging traffic will improve your content ranking
  • A research by Marketing Land shows that 62% of all research by videos, so through videos its good time to attract google
  • According to report, Videos content get 50% more visibility and improve ranks in google rather than static and plain text.
  • Business marketers are already use video content and in coming years it will increase more

Let’s have an example of 777 in four minutes’ research:

777 built in 4 minutes

If you want to appear on search engine you need to upload more and more videos on Youtube or through Video SEO with specific keywords so, Google would be able to search your content.

Mobile Optimization turn out critical

Mobile Optimization, Seo 2017

In this fast-paced time, audience cannot stick at one place. People use many devices smart phones, tablets, phone watches, laptops and web browser. In 2015, many of brand were mobile-friendly and in 2016 many of them follow this trend. Due to announcement of Mobile-First index mobile optimization will not remain trend but this will become norm in 2018. So, this is good time to change the strategies regarding mobile search. Still here are more reasons why mobile-friendly is important in 2017:

  • More than 1.2 billion users access website through mobile phone (
  • 8 of out 10 use smart phones for online shopping (
  • Global mobile traffic- About 15% of all internet traffic are mobile users (
  • 95% local info is searched by smart phone users

So this is very important your website visibility e.g. fonts, logo design, content -should be mobile optimized. To compete with a competitor in market SEO 2017 strategies must be changed from today.

To conclude, keep in mind all these factors you must brace yourself to enlarge fresh content on social media channel such as Facebook, Twitter you should emphasize on user experience, content and feasible videos to be on top ranked.


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