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So you might think that what is tilegrams? Tilegrams is a generator by data visualization studio pitch interactive. Pitch Interactive is the studio that focus on addressing complex data using new  technologies. Adam and Jessica are two Pitch Interactive developers who have developed Tilegrams for you.

Tilegram helps you to build cartogram. Also tilegrams is a tool that enables the users to create hex based maps of USA using customize data. Furthermore it also exports generated map to SVG and topojson.

Tilegrams provide detail functions for improving the state proportions. Moreover it allows all proportions to be accurate. It is versatile in its export capabilities.

Visit Website for tilegrams : Click Here

What is Cartogram?

So now the question arises what is cartogram? A cartogram is distorted map. In this map the boundaries and spaces are change to tell the story of data accurately rather than reflecting the actual geographic boundaries. In UK, cartogram has been turned to an art form that turns stretched map to the hexagons map as shown.

The US designers are also thinking about how to use cartogram in the election season.

So you can get a lot of ways to make a traditional map but you can cartogram by only few. So one of them is Tilegrams.  Now how can you build a cartogram with tilegrams? It is an easy 4 step process.  Here are the steps:

  • Choose A Pre-Loaded Map

In the step 1 choose a pre-loaded map already present in the tool. Tilegram contain almost 538 style map of electoral college, NRP and Pitch US population as shown below. Each hexagon of the map represent 500,000 people.

  • Choose Your Data

Furthermore, choose data set if already existing maps does not contain what you are looking for. Clicking on” Generate From Data Set” you can see visualization of data set. Furthermore you can also upload your own data set as shown in picture in CSV format.

  • Edit The Data

In addition if you do not like the look of map you can drag the hexagons to create your own map style. Moreover the “resolution” slider is the one which change what each hexagon represent.

  • Export The Visual 

You can export your cartogram in two formats i.e

  1. SVG that produce static image. Furthermore it can also be edited afterwards.
  2. TopoJSON for interactive version.

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