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Toluna Surveys, Talouna Quick Survey

Toluna Quick Surveys: A Real Time Digital Insights Platform

Toluna Surveys

Are you a market research expert and want to gain fast and reliable insights? If Yes, then Toluna Surveys is all you need.  This guide will tell you the important features and procedure of how to join Toluna in the real time.


Toluna provides the market researchers with the easy and simple but powerful survey and panel tools. Furthermore it provides you 62 market survey responses in less than 24 hours of time giving you true responses in real time. Previously you required a team of people to gain insights, Toluna allows you to save money and time on actionable data by just using your computer.

People love brands on social media. When a brand makes a certain position in Public Relations, the lack of quality assurance will be dangerous for the brand. If a brand do not know what the audiences want, no quality products generated and lack of understanding will result in end of brand. Toluna allows the brand to know what is the best tactic to know what people want on social media and give them simple advice in this respect.

The key features of Toluna are:

1- Easy To Use

Compared to other surveys it is easy to use. Hence It is a complete self-served market research tool. Most of the market agencies and other media agencies use it for their insights. It involves surveys that are just few questions long and allows to gain 500 points.

2- 24/7 Access to Global Panelists

You need to have more and new contacts? Toluna surveys allows you have more than 10 million consumers survey who are happy to answer all your questions. In more than 20,000 countries the responses are made in less than 24 hours. It has a panel of global community which takes your survey and answer up to 25 of your toughest questions.

3- 100% Free

Toluna surveys is 100 percent free to use and you can use it any time. So you can make unlimited surveys and get unlimited responses. At Toluna you can share your surveys through Facebook, Email  and this all can be done free of cost.

4. Free Innovative Reporting

Online Reporting in Toluna gives you the population of your survey results in real time. The population is from your own group or the Toluna community so the results are given to you in real time.


  • First of all You should have an active email address.
  • Furthermore just go to the REGISTER NOW option on the Toluna Quick Surveys website i.e

Account Dash Board

After registration, as a result a page of Survey Management opens up and it displays your basic information and give you the options like :

  • Create Survey
  • Contact Lists
  • Surveys
  • Reports
  • Account Information

Building A Survey

  • Click on the “Create Survey” option on the Dash Board. We can make surveys in 3 easy steps:

1- Define- The first step is to define your survey name and category  and then move to the next step. Toluna panelist at the community site will see your survey name. Your title of the survey should be so descriptive that it appeals to a number of people at once.

2- BUILD- You have to gather demographic and contact details from your own group. Fresh inputs can be saved to existing lists. Now you have to add questions to your survey :

  • Select a question type i.e open ended, choice, thumbs, bottle, rating, ranking etc.
  • Further In the next step you can use advanced options like make question optional/mandatory and display options.
  • Finally click “+” to add another page to survey.
  • If you want to reorganize the pages click on “ORGANIZE”

3- PREVIEW- Finally preview your survey and you are ready to launch your survey.


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