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Google Update Theory
Google Update Theory

Theories On Google Algorithm Update & Unconfirmed Changes From Last Week

It looks like Google has been busy the whole time in making changes. The SEO world was humming after a unconfirmed changes that google just made to Google’s core ranking algorithm. Google  is murmuring about the Penguin algorithm update and make changes to the Google’s core ranking algorithm. Google also announced that Panda was now added to its core algorithm.

If I was going to guess, this update is going to strengthening the rankings of sites or I can say that it’s a topic-sensitive update from which they start demoting sites or I was guessing that the ranking variations were not applied to Panda or Penguin Algorithm.

SEO tools noted large significantly changes in rankings of the sites. After Google Clarifications there are  new question rises. We know that Panda will play an important role in the future and google’s must have plan to launch penguin new version too. So I am waiting for Google and the SEO teams to clear the answers on the latest update.

All of this is happening because of a “fake news” and Google is not trying to get rid of fake news like this, Google is trying to evacuate the fake news from the Top. A lot of points including the ongoing WebmasterWorld and a BlackHat World it’s pretty quiet with few complaints about sites getting attacked or the theory of the snippets change. These threads are still pretty calm.

So if I was going to guess this update is a massive update by Google in the last week and the interesting thing which I was thinking is that this update is not related to Panda, Penguin or even Fred.

So lets wait and watch or tell me if you think you know something about this update leave your comments down here..

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