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Googles Birthday


Googles Birthday

Did you know that Google is now an adult? Yes, true that google is officially an adult who can vote. Google is now 18 years old and Googles birthday is marking with a doodle. It was started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1995. The following picture is from YOU TUBE.


Traditionally it marks its birthday on 27 September on the home page. However, Google  itself does not know when it came into existence. Since 2006 the Googles birthday celebrated on 27 September but last year it had it on 26 September.

  • A New Search Engine Called BackRub

Furthermore BackRub was the result of Larry Page doctoral thesis. Keeping in view the idea of ‘citation’ Larry Page gave the idea of crawling and ranking search results. Citation records are important in scholarly research. The citation count shows how authoritative your writing is. This idea still holds a position in Google Scholar as it will tell you your citation counts in your research.

In addition the idea to make BackRub a search engine came after the project evolved. The main idea was to make it for graphing the World Wide Web, but Larry Page and Sergey Brin thought it would make a best consumer search engine. Moreover BackRub was a new type of search engine which shows results according to the more relevant to your related keyword.

BackRub search engine get a name Google and the algorithm it used was PAGE RANK. Brin and Page partnership helped to develop the new search engine. This project was so big that it bring down Stanford’s to its knees. Brin and Page decided to drop out  of the graduation school and to try launching it as startup.

  • Google Launch

According to the web domain the Googles birthday is registered in 1997 but opened business in 1998.  So now we have got 1995,1996,1997 and 1998 as potential dates. But in general it uses 1998 as launch date for the calculation of age in years.

In addition according to most of the accounts the launch date is 7 September. But now it has shifted the dates according to the requirements of people. Most likely it was the anniversary of World Trade Center that cause the shifting of dates.

Furthermore 18 years after its existence, it is world’s most powerful company. According to the reports, it is second in market after Apple and get a business of $541 billion. Page and Brin are the world’s richest men with rank 12th and 13th in the list. They earn up to net worth $35.2 billion and $34.4 billion respectively.

In contrast to the changing of dates of Googles birthday created a great confusion among the people. In 2004 the birthday doodle went online on 6th September and the next year it went online on 7th September.  The confusion was eradicated in 2013 and now the date is fixed i.e 27 September. The company choose 27 September because it was the first birthday doodle in 2002.

  • Birthday Doodle

The birthday has become a regular trend. In this the Google changes logo on home page to celebrate important events around the world.The first doodle of Googles birthday came online in 1998 before when the company was technically found. Google has been celebrating its birthday with a doodle since its 4th birthday in 2002. The picture below is of Google Doodle from You Tube.







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