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Top VR games 2017

World’s Biggest Video Games Expo-Top Five Coolest VR Games Of 2017

Top coolest VR games has been shown in World largest video game expo. After many years of struggle in getting previews and advanced stage shows. Now it seems like virtual reality came in to reality.  Though it’s quite pricey but still people are curious about this virtual reality games. It is also truth with a passage of time, price will be drop down, handset will become slimmer but the experience will remain existing.

Let’s have a look on the one of biggest E3 video games event that was held in Los Angeles. In this event plenty of VR games shown and you will find out reasons how much people and developers are getting into these VR games.

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  • Sony has displayed six VR games during media briefing about fancy products.
  • Bethesda went all-in with three VR games based on hugely popular games for Facebook’s oculus.
  • HTC has also scattered their VR games throughout the show.
  • Microsoft (MSFT) and Nintendo (NTDOY) are playing the waiting game and they yet to have dive in this coolest VR games

Top five coolest VR games of 2017

These are top VR games that were display in world largest video game expo.

Echo Arena (Oculus Rift)

In Echo Arena game, You join a team up to more than two player and face a competition against each other in a zero gravity indoor Frisbee soccer and you have to boost and scoring a goal in a virtual arena. Once you get in to this game players direct arenas by slingshotting off walls, course correcting with tiny wrist rockets in an effort and play with a floating ball and hurl it into a goal. It’s kind of social experience game and its released on 20 July 2017.

Echo Arena is being developed Ready At Dawn and published by Oculus Studios.

Let’s have look on demo in given video.

Starchild (PSVR)

This game was amazingly hit in the event, game is developed by Playful and published by Game Trust. Before getting in to game you may wont be able to find out what exactly the game is.

But like other VR games this game is not only about actions and frights. it’s a sort of fully-realized diorama in which you have to guide a tiny space heroine through a intimidating, colorful and mysterious world.

Have a look on this game.


Doom VFR is going to be release for PlayStation VR and the HTC Vive on December 1st 2017. This game is published by a Bethesda, it is known to be a best sprawling open world role playing games. They are recently get in to VR games and this game seems to be one of the best VR in this year. Due to its fast , pleasant, clean graphics and many weapon options.

Have a look on this

Brass Tactics (Oculus Rift)

Mark Terrano, he is well known for developing real time strategy games. he is chief creative officer and founder of Hidden Path Entertainment. More over , he also made most high regarded RTS games like “Age of Empires” and  The Age of Kings. Now he come up with more accurate genre for virtual reality which is Brass Tactics. One of in his press he stated that : “We tried really 30 different prototypes for movement of the table alone,” Terrano said. “We spent six months on it. That was one of my agreements with our publisher, Oculus.

This game is more like build an armies, collect resources for this match and finally go for a war on virtual tabletop. Have a look on this existing game

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